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Seasoning Your Humidor

Having trouble keeping the humidity between 65% - 70% (humidity too low) ?

What level humidity should I be keeping my humidor at?

What to do if the humidity is too high for too long (above 72%)?

My Hygrometer is reading 20% when I don't think that's right - what should I do?

How do I calibrate my digital hygrometer?

How often will I have to maintain my humidor?

How many cigars should I be storing in my humidor?

Why are CASE ELEGANCE humidors the best on the market?

How long does the hygrometer battery last and how do I change it?

Where can I buy more gel crystals?

I bought a subscription pack, where are my gel beads?

Should I remove the cellophane wrappers on the cigars before I put them in the humidor?

My humidor arrived with my hygrometer missing

How much of the sales goes towards Wounded Warrior?

When should I add more solution to the tray?

How often should I replace the crystal gel?

How to know if I need the Regular or the Winter Solution?

Watch Boxes

Are the magnets inside your watch boxes safe for my timepieces?

Bucksaw Leather Products

How do I care for my Bucksaw Leather product?

Shipping & Returns

How long do orders take to arrive?

What happens if I need to return something?


How to bleed and fill my lighter?


What is the Klaro app?

How does the Klaro app work?

Can I access my humidor's data from anywhere?

What devices are compatible with the Klaro app?

Do you ONLY have an iOS app?

Is the Klaro app free?

Is my data secure when using the Klaro app?

How can I contact Klaro's customer support for assistance?

Can I calibrate my new BLE hygrometer?

Can I use the Klaro App without the KLARO VALET BLE hygrometer or Wi-Fi bridge?

How do I set up the Klaro App for my Klaro humidor?

How close does the KLARO VALET Wi-Fi bridge need to be to the Wi-Fi Router?

How close does the KLARO VALET Wi-Fi bridge need to be to my humidor?

My Wi-Fi Bridge Isn't Flashing

Can I monitor multiple humidors with the Klaro App?

Can I receive alerts or notifications through the Klaro App?

Can the Klaro App catalog the cigars in my humidor?

Can I change the units/scale of temperature?

Can I view historical humidity and temperature data within the Klaro app?

How often does Klaro update the humidity and temperature readings?

Does the Klaro app support multiple users or user accounts?

Can the Klaro app be used outside the Wi-Fi?

What happens if the Wi-Fi connection is lost or unstable?

Gift Cards

Do gift cards expire?

Can I exchange gift cards for cash?

How can I access gift cards which were misplaced or never received?

Can a gift card be used more than once?

How do I check my gift card balance?