So you've just purchased the Military humidor by Klaro, and now you need to season it. You've come to the right place. 

Important Notes:

  • It's important to keep cigars stored as close to 70 degrees as possible. Lower temps will prevent the solution from evaporating and higher temps will quickly dry the humidor out.

  • Winter months and dry climates require diligent maintenance, using bottle or distilled water in addition to humidor solution will boost humidity much faster than humidor solution alone.

  • We DO NOT recommend using Boveda packs. We have extensively tested Boveda packs with poor results.

  • DO NOT store your humidor in direct sunlight. This will quickly lower the humidor’s humidity.

  • Store your humidor on a level surface. Avoid sudden movements as it could cause the humidor solution to spill.

Humidor Solution Notes:

Included are two bottles of Humidor Solution. The regular Humidor Solution is ideal for summer and transitional months, while the Winter + Dry Climate solution is better for cold winter months and dry climates.

If you need to increase the humidity and the regular Humidor Solution isn’t helping, you are encouraged to use the Winter + Dry Climate Solution to boost the humidity.

Depending on the time of year and where you live, you may only use one type of solution.

The Klaro Membership

A years supply to keep humidor seasoned

Never worry about running out of humidor solution again. The Klaro Membership is automating your humidor management with a simple yearly subscription. We take care of easily forgetful items like a new battery for your Digital Hygrometer. This turn-key subscription ensures your coveted collection of sticks stay perfectly seasoned year-round.

Seasoning Instructions:

  1. First, remove the plastic pull-tab from the backside of the digital hygrometer to turn it on (located on the front of the humidor).

    You can switch to °F or °C by temporarily removing the rubber seal and pressing the small button located on the back. Next, open the Hydro Tray.

  2. Next, wet a towel with the provided “Humidor Solution” and lightly wipe down the inside cedar. Notes: Only wipe down during the seasoning process. Do Not use the Winter + Dry Climate Mix. Do Not exceed 1/4 of the bottle. 

  3. Rest the bottom of the Hydro Tray on the wood cover in the humidor and carefully fill it with humidor solution. Use about 1/4 of the bottle. Use the Winter + Dry Climate solution if you’re seasoning in the cold winter months or if you live in a dry climate. Pour the solution into each 1/4 section, then put the tray lid back on. Set aside the other accessories.

  4. Let the humidor rest until the hygrometer reads ABOVE 68% FOR 1-3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. This process can take up to 2 weeks.

    Note: If desired humidity is not being met, you may need to repeat step 2 + 3 or use the Winter + Dry Climate solution to help increase the humidity.

  5. Leave the Hydro Tray in the bottom of the humidor and gently tear open the included "Gel Solution" packet from the edge. Remove the lid and distribute the gel into the solution. Wait 6-12hrs for the gel to absorb the solution.

  6. After, if your humidor is:
    Between 70-75% = No more solution + Next Step
    Between 65-69% = Add 1/4 of solution + Next Step
    Above 75% = Remove Hydro Tray for 24-48 hours and re-evaluate

  7. Put the Hydro Tray lid back on and place in the bottom of the humidor. Set the wood tray cover on top of the Hydro Tray.
  8. It’s time to put your cigars in the humidor. Your humidity levels need to be between 67-75% when placing cigars inside. Your cigars will soak up the moisture and inside humidity levels might decline. When cigars are inside, the optimal humidity level for our humidors is between 65-72%. 

    Winter/Dry Climate Seasoning Tips

    1. The easiest way to raise your humidity, is to add our custom Winter + Dry Climate Humidor Solution to your hydro tray. 

    2. When seasoning - remove the lid from the hydro tray and set on top of the wooden tray - it helps let the moisture rise.

    3. Give the humidor 1 wipe down with solution or distilled water (no more as it could cause warping). 

    4. Adding a shot glass full of solution or distilled water is great.

    5. Keep the temperature in your humidor as close to 70 degrees fahrenheit as you can get it. Too high and your humidity will evaporate very quickly.

    6. In a drier climate or the winter, it can take a full bottle of solution and up to two weeks to properly season a humidor. Adding bottle or distilled water directly to the tray will boost if you are having issues.

    7. Even after adding your cigars, you have to be especially vigilant until things begin to stabilize in the humidor. Don't feel like you have to add the gel crystals until your cigars are added and the humidity has stabilized.

    Winter & Dry Climate Klaro Membership

    Includes 4 bottles of Winter + Dry Climate Dry humidor solution, ensuring your humidor is seasoned all year

    Boveda Packs - Do Not Use

    Some folks prefer Boveda, we get it. Your CE Humidor is designed and optimized to use approved Case Elegance provided and sold accessories, including our CE Humidor Solution & our CE Hydro Sticks. 

    We have extensively tested with Boveda packs in our humidors and have not had good results. We do not recommend using them. 


    If you aren't able to reach the required humidity or have other questions, please give us a message, e-mail, or call or text 317 530 3002


    Michael Slate | Author
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