Important Notes:

  • While the Smoke Can is an air-tight humidor, its primary purpose is for uniquely transporting cigars. If you choose to store cigars long-term please refer to the seasoning & storage notes below. 

  • It's important to keep cigars stored as close to 70 degrees as possible. Lower temps will prevent the solution from evaporating and higher temps will quickly dry the humidor out.

  • Winter months or dry climates require diligent maintenance. While the Cylindor is designed to accommodate two humidity packs, you may need to add additional packs to increase the humidity. 

  • We recommend using 69% humidity packs weighing at least 60gm.

Hygrometer Setup:

1. Under the metal stand, remove the battery pull tab from the hygrometer to turn it on.


    Hygrometer Notes: 

    • You will need to periodically replace the battery in your hygrometer (Battery Type: CR2032). 

    • Every Klaro hygrometer comes pre-calibrated from the factory, but in the rare case you need to recalibrate, you do so by holding the F/C button for at least 10 seconds.

    Seasoning / Setting Up Your New Cylindor

    2. Top-Level Wood Tray: A metal tray under the top-level wood tray securely holds a humidity pack. To access it, press upwards on the bottom of the metal tray before pulling it out. 

    3. Bottom of the Smoke Can: The bottom-level wood tray is elevated to allow a humidity pack to comfortably rest beneath it.

    4. If you plan to store cigars in the Smoke Can long-term we suggest seasoning the internal cedar with a 84% humidity pack for 1-week. After, we recommend using 69% humidity pack(s). 

    Note: You may need additional humidity packs in dry seasons or climates. We recommend using 69% humidity packs weighing at least 60gm.

    If you aren't able to reach the required humidity or have other questions, please send us a message, e-mail, or call or text 317-530-3002


    Michael Slate | Author
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