WINTER + DRY CLIMATE Humidor Solution


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Important note:

We recommend purchasing the klaro Yearly Membership, which comes with a yearly supply of seasoning essentials.

Membership includes:

  • 4 Bottles of Humidor Solution
  • 2 Gel Solution Packs
  • 1 Hygrometer Battery
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Klaro humidors will be the easiest humidor you've ever seasoned and maintained. Comes with everything you need including 2 bottles of humidor solution, a pack of gel crystals and the hydro tray. Of course we give you detailed written and video instructions, backed by amazing support so we'll be with you every step of the way.


Our digital hygrometers are silicone gasket sealed from back to front, and include the most accurate european sensor on the market. You'll never have to wonder whether your cigars are taken care of.


Klaro humidors have more Spanish cedar than any other brand on the market. Spanish cedar keeps away cigar beetles and makes sure your cigars are always the right humidity.


Our seals have been re-engineered to ensure an incredibly air-tight fit. We have custom rear hinges that lock in the seal. We also have super fat cedar coamings that will expand as your humidity increases to really ensure your smokes stay fresh for the long haul.

For Those Dry & Cold Places 

This unique humidor solution formula was developed to help those who live in constantly dry climates and have a hard time stabilizing the humidity in their humidors. It's also helpful during the winter months when the air is most dry. 

  • NOTE: We recommend purchasing our Klaro Yearly Membership, which comes with a yearly supply of the seasoning essentials for your Klaro humidor, including Winter + Dry Climate Humidor Solution, Normal Humidor Solution, refill Gel Solution Packs, and a battery for your hygrometer. 

  • WINTER + DRY CLIMATE MIX - A special formula to help those who live in consistently dry climates. Also, it helps give your humidor a humidity boost to protect it in the driest winter months.

  • Gel Solution is included. The Hydro System Gel Solution needs to be refreshed once a year.

  • REGULATES HUMIDOR HUMIDITY BETWEEN 65-72% - The CE propylene glycol and distilled water mix helps to regulate your humidor to your desired humidity level. It's simple, just add more solution to increase humidity.

  • 250ml Solution Bottle