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Four cigar storage myths

Any aficionado of fine cigars is faced with the dilemma of How to store cigars to keep them fresh. Most solve the problem by using a fine humidor to store their cigars, others resort to falling for some of the myths and miscellaneous information regarding cigar storage.  Here are a few of those major myths you should avoid:  Storing your cigars in the refrigerator/freezer  Forget this myth!  No tobacconist has EVER advocated this as a long-term storage solution. Think about it.  Refrigerators whisk moisture AWAY from food in an attempt to prevent mold.  That’s the exact opposite of what cigars need in order to stay fresh.  Apples will keep cigars fresh Some people try putting slices of apples in Tupperware...

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Four Things to consider when choosing a humidor

You’ve purchased some fine cigars or received them as a gift.  But, there’s one problem.  You still don’t have a humidor!  While you may know a humidor is the best way to keep your cigars fresh, you have no idea what to look for when buying one.   We can help.   Here are some considerations: Consider price While they come in many sizes, styles, and price ranges, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good humidor. Good humidors that control the temperature and humidity can be had for less than $60. Ask yourself “How many cigars will I need to keep fresh?” If you are like most cigar smokers, you don’t need a 7-drawer humidor that will hold...

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The important role a humidor plays in keeping your BEST cigars fresh!

When it comes the perfect cigar, any cigar smoker feels the same way.  You've bought it, now you want to make sure that it’s ready to smoke when you are.    And, therein lies the importance of a good humidor! To retain freshness, cigars need to be stored properly in a controlled environment.  In the case of cigars, that means a humidor. “But, why a humidor,” you ask? It’s all a matter of trying to maintain the natural, tropical environment in which the tobacco was originally grown. Let’s face it, northern environments (in the US or Canada) don’t have the natural ambient humidity of Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua.  But, a humidor can provide a similar artificial environment that...

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