Important Notes:

  • It's important to keep cigars stored as close to 70 degrees as possible. Lower temps will prevent the solution from evaporating and higher temps will quickly dry the humidor out.

  • Winter months or dry climates require diligent maintenance. While the Cylindor is designed to accommodate two humidity packs, you may need to add additional packs to increase the humidity.

  • DO NOT store your humidor in direct sunlight. This will quickly lower the humidor’s humidity.

  • We recommend using 69% humidity packs weighing at least 60gm.

Hygrometer Setup:

1. Remove lid from the glass base.

    2. Push out the hygrometer from the bottom of the lid.

      3. Remove the battery pull tab and reinstall the hygrometer.

      Hygrometer Notes: 

      • You will need to periodically replace the battery in your hygrometer (Battery Type: CR2032). 

      • Every Klaro hygrometer comes pre-calibrated from the factory, but in the rare case you need to recalibrate, you do so by holding the F/C button for at least 5 seconds.

      Seasoning / Setting Up Your New Cylindor

      1. First, remove the included humidity pack from the plastic wrap. Next, fold over the edge so it fits tightly in he plastic holder. Note: Depending on the size of the humidity pack, you may have to fold the edges over for it to fit comfortably. Troubleshooting

      2. Remove the plastic divider and insert the included humidity pack in the slot. The Cylindor holds up to two packs (2 slots). Seasoning is not generally required since the Cylindor is primarily made of glass. Add your humidity packs and enjoy.

      Note: You may need additional humidity packs in dry seasons or climates. We recommend using 69% humidity packs weighing at least 60gm.

      If you aren't able to reach the required humidity or have other questions, please send us a message, e-mail, or call or text 317-530-3002


      Michael Slate | Author
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