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Seasoning Your Humidor

How do I calibrate my digital hygrometer?

What level humidity should I be keeping my humidor at?

My Hygrometer is reading 20% when I don't think that's right - what should I do?

How often will I have to maintain my humidor?

How many cigars should I be storing in my humidor?

Why are CASE ELEGANCE humidors the best on the market?

Having trouble keeping the humidity between 65% - 70% ?

What to do if the humidity is too high for too long (above 70%)?

Watch Boxes

Are the magnets inside your watch boxes safe for my timepieces?

Bucksaw Leather Products

How do I care for my Bucksaw Leather product?

Shipping & Returns

How long do orders take to arrive?

What happens if I need to return something?