OCTODOR - Unboxing & Seasoning

 So you've just purchased the Case Elegance OCTODOR humidor, and now you need to season it. You've come to the right place. 


  • It's important to keep cigars stored as close to 70 degrees as possible. Lower temps will prevent the solution from evaporating and higher temps will quickly dry the humidor out.
  • Winter months require diligent maintenance, frequently fill up your Hydro Tray to maintain proper humidity levels.
  • Dry climates can greatly impact the humidor, if you live in a dry climate, fill the hydro tray often.
  • We do not recommend using boveda packs. We have extensively tested Boveda packs with poor results.


HYDRO SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS (Updated: March 5 - 2020)

  1. First, remove the plastic pull-tab from the backside of the digital hygrometer to turn it on. You can switch to °F or °C by pressing the small button located on the back. Next, wet a towel with the provided “Humidor Solution” and lightly wipe down the inside cedar, including the removable storage tray. Do not exceed 1/4 of the bottle.

  2. Next, open the Hydro Tray by pulling up on one of the pull tabs located on the lid. Slide finger around to pull the other side up.

  3. Place the Hydro Tray in the bottom of the humidor (above the recessed slot) and carefully fill it with the provided humidor solution. For now, set aside the other accessories.

    Gel Solution, Hydro Tray Lid, Wood Tray

  4. Let the humidor rest until the hygrometer reads ABOVE 70% FOR 2-5 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. This process can take up to 2 weeks depending on your local climate. Feel free to place additional shot-glasses or bowl of distilled water to help. You may also need to wipe the humidor down one more time (Step 1).

  5. After, move the Hydro Tray in the recessed slot of the humidor and gently tear open the included gel solution packet from the pre-cut edge. Distribute the gel on the bottom of the Hydro Tray into the solution.
  6. After about 30 minutes, the crystals will have soaked up some of the liquid. Use a utensil to even-out the gel across the bottom of the tray. After, pour another 1/4 of the bottle into the Hydro Tray.

  7. After your humidor is seasoned. Put the lid on the Hydro Tray and place it inside the bottom storage cavity. Place the wood cover over the Hydro Tray until it rests flat against the floor of the humidor. Lastly, place the wood storage tray back to its original position.

  8. It’s time to put your cigars in the humidor. Note: Your humidity levels need to be higher than 74% when placing cigars inside. Your cigars will begin to soak up the moisture and the inside humidor humidity levels will decline. When cigars are inside, the optimal humidity level for our humidors is between 65-72%.

    Winter/Dry Area Seasoning Tips

    1. When seasoning - remove the wood tray and the lid of the hydro tray - it will help allow the humidity to rise faster and meet the sensor.
    2. Use ALL of the solution in the bottle quickly AND order more on our website - you must use a lot of solution and add solution daily in the winter when seasoning.
    3. Let it season the full 14 days so you aren't struggling to keep it up later.
    4. You'll need another couple weeks (and another bottle of solution) if you are adding a bunch of dry cigars after its seasoned. This is because the cigars are sucking up the humidity and the humidity is being held lower by the cigars. After you add cigars add solution every couple days and rotate your cigars to better distribute humidity in the box.
    5. Once seasoned, it's important to rotate your cigars biweekly and periodically refill the Hydro Tray.

    Boveda packs - do not use

    Some folks prefer Boveda, we get it. Your CE Humidor is designed and optimized to use approved Case Elegance provided and sold accessories, including our CE Humidor Solution.

    We have extensively tested with Boveda packs in our humidors and have not had good results. We do not recommend using them. 


    If you aren't able to reach the required humidity or have other questions, please give us a message, e-mail, or call or text 317 530 3002