Seasoning your humidor is an important step in the process of ensuring your Klaro Humidor will be able to keep your cigars fresh and ready for you to enjoy them. This prepares the humidor to function optimally once cigars are kept inside. Include this very important step and maintain the humidity levels throughout the year or when adding new cigars to your collection.

If you want to learn about seasoning humidors in general and why it’s important, check out more here. We’ll go through everything you need to know about seasoning your humidor in a general sense, including why you need to season your humidor, the steps involved, and how to check the humidity level in your humidor with the use of the hygrometer. 

If, however, you want a detailed guide on the exact process you need to follow to season your specific Klaro humidor, then take a look at the individual guides above. We’ve accounted for the various differences between models to ensure the best seasoning practices for continued performance. These will provide you with step-by-step instructions for each of the humidors Case Elegance sells. 

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Michael Slate | Author
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