How to perfectly season your new CASE ELEGANCE humidor

So you've just purchased our humidor, and now you need to season it. You've come to the right place.


Analog Cherry Humidor


Digital Hygrometer humidor (cherry wood / carbon fiber / glass top)



Now, there are few different ways to season a humidor, so I'm going to break this up by methods...

Case Elegance humidifying gel & bowl of water method

Most of our humidors come with the Case Elegance humidifying gel. In this case, simply remove any cellophane wrapping underneath the dual lid structure and fill the gel bottle with water to the fill line (leave the lid off of the bottle) and watch until the humidifying gauge reads 84%. Also, place a small bowl of water inside the humidor, filled with distilled water. Continue filling up the humidifying gel and bowl every single day until the hygrometer reads above 75% or so. It is not uncommon for it to take up to two weeks to properly season.

84% Boveda pack method

Buy an 84% boveda pack and place inside the humidor until the humidity gauge reads 75% - 84% or so (it is not uncommon for this to take two weeks or more), at which point you can put your cigars inside and fill up the humidifying puck.  


If you've done one of the above methods for more than two weeks and the gauge isn't getting close to 84%, then there are a couple of things to check...

Try calibrating your hygrometer - this is the most common issue.

You may have a broken hygrometer; please reach out to for a replacement.