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Hydro System Instructions

Notes: It's important to keep cigars stored as close to 70 degrees as possible. Lower temps will prevent the solution from evaporating and higher temps will quickly dry the humidor out. Winter months require diligent maintenance, frequently fill up your Hydro Tray to maintain proper humidity levels. Dry climates can greatly impact the humidor, if you live in a dry climate, fill the hydro tray often. We do not recommend using boveda packs. We have extensively tested Boveda packs with poor results.   HYDRO SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS (Updated: March 5 - 2020) First, remove the plastic pull-tab from the backside of the digital hygrometer to turn it on. Open the Hydro Tray by pulling up on one of the pull tabs located on the lid....

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How to perfectly season your new CASE ELEGANCE humidor

So you've just purchased our humidor and now you need to season it. You've come to the right place.

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