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Hydro System Instructions

HYDRO SYSTEM  The Hydro System is a new and innovative humidification process (patent pending) that evenly distributes humidity from edge to edge while eliminating that awkward space taken up by a humidification jar. This system helps you quickly season your humidor and consistently maintain humidity at that magic 65% RH (see note below why 65% is important and unique for our humidors).    STEP 1:  Open the Hydro Tray by pulling up on one of the pull tabs located on the lid. Slide finger around to pull other side up. DO NOT force apart.  STEP 2: Gently tear open the included "Gel Solution" packet from the pre-cut edge and evenly distribute the gel on the bottom of the Hydro Tray. STEP 3:...

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How to perfectly season your new CASE ELEGANCE humidor

So you've just purchased our humidor and now you need to season it. You've come to the right place.

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