So you've just purchased the Fridgador by Klaro, and now you need to season it. You've come to the right place. 

Operating Instructions

Digital Display

  • The temperature can be set between 59°F-72°F.
  • The humidity can be set between 65%-75%. The humidity can be set between 65%-75%.
  • To change the display between Fahrenheit and Celsius, press and hold the up and down arrow at the same time on the temperature panel for 1-3 seconds.

Interior Light

  • You can turn the interior light ON or OFF by pressing the light button.
  • Note: We DO NOT recommend keeping the light on for extended periods to avoid damaging the taste profile of your cigars from the light.


The Klaro Membership

A years supply to keep humidor seasoned

Never worry about running out of humidor solution again. The Klaro Membership is automating your humidor management with a simple yearly subscription. We take care of easily forgetful items like a new battery for your Digital Hygrometer. This turn-key subscription ensures your coveted collection of sticks stay perfectly seasoned year-round.

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Seasoning Instructions

  1. Remove the included bottle of humidor solution.
  2. The Solution Box is located behind the bottom drawer. Pull out the bottom drawer to access the Solution Box.
  3. Add the included humidor solution to the Solution Box. Fill the container about halfway. Carefully put the Solution Box back.
  4. Confirm you have set the humidity and temperature to your desired level. We recommend 70°F and 70%. It can take several days to stabilize.

Important Seasoning Notes

  • If the desired humidity is not met after 3 days, you can adjust the relative humidity by adding or removing the humidor solution from the Solution Box.

  • Keep the door closed as much as possible during the seasoning process, as it will allow moisture to escape, resulting in a delayed seasoning process.
  • Because of the humidor's large size, it's common to read slightly different humidity levels on the wood shelves.
  • Winter months and dry climates may require more maintenance, using bottle or distilled water in addition to humidor solution will boost humidity much faster than humidor solution alone.

  • DO NOT store your humidor in direct sunlight. This will quickly lower the humidor’s humidity.

  • Store your humidor on a level surface. Avoid sudden movements as it could cause the humidor solution to spill.

Winter/dry climate seasoning tips

  1. The easiest way to raise your humidity, is to add our custom Winter + Dry Climate Humidor Solution to your Solution Box. 

  2. Adding a shot glass full of solution or distilled water is great.

  3. Keep the ambient temperature in your house as close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as you can get it. This will reduce the work load on the fridgador resulting in more consistent readings.

  4. In a drier climate or the winter, it can take a full bottle of solution and up to two weeks to properly season a humidor. If you are having issues, adding bottle or distilled water directly to one of the tray will help boost the humidity 

Winter & Dry Climate Klaro Membership

Includes 4 bottles of Winter + Dry Climate Dry humidor solution, ensuring your humidor is seasoned all year


If you aren't able to reach the required humidity or have other questions, please give us a message, e-mail, or call or text 317 530 3002


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