Considering a humidor? You’re making a wise decision. Humidors are the best way to store your cigars, keeping them in prime smoking shape so you can enjoy them whenever the occasion calls for one. And if you’ve started to look at humidors, you’re also probably realizing that humidors come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and models. 

Humidors are also available with a number of different accessories. Many of them are personal choices—some are more useful than others. But the one accessory you almost certainly want on your humidor is a simple drawer. It doesn’t sound like much, but you might be amazed at the number of uses this one little drawer can have when you combine it with the capabilities of a humidor. 

What is a Humidor?


Before we go too deep, let’s step back and talk about what a humidor is. If you’re researching, you probably know that it’s useful for storing your cigars, but there’s a lot more to it than that. A humidor is a box that creates the ideal environment for storing your cigars. Because of how it’s built and the materials that it’s made with, a humidor keeps your cigars at a perfect level of humidity. 

Cigars contain oils from the tobacco from which they’re made. In an environment that’s too humid, your stogies can go moldy or even become a breeding ground for tobacco beetles. On the flip side, if they’re set in a dry environment, they’re likely to dry out and offer a bitter, acrid smoke—certainly nothing enjoyable. Humidors help provide balance in humidity that keeps your cigars in perfect smoking condition. In fact, many connoisseurs argue that humidors can improve your cigars with age, thanks to their Spanish cedar. 

At their simplest, humidors are small boxes that protect humidity because of their interior lining, which is made of a type of wood called Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar is particularly absorbent, so when a humidor is properly seasoned, it absorbs a certain amount of liquid. Once the cigars are placed in the humidor, the Spanish cedar “breathes,” releasing some of the liquid it holds and allowing the cigars to absorb the moisture—thus preventing dry-out. 

If you keep cigars around the house—especially very nice ones—a humidor is an absolute must for maintaining them. So much more than just a decorative box, a properly seasoned and cared-for humidor improves your overall smoke.   

Common Humidor Accessories


OK, all of these accessories may not be specifically for your humidor. Rather, they’re designed to improve your overall cigar enjoyment. Some, however, help keep your humidor operating at prime efficiency. Here are a few common accessories. 


A good, clean cut from a sharp cigar cutter can make all the difference in the enjoyment of your cigar. One sharp snip can help oxygen flow in through the cigar and burn cleaner, resulting in a more flavorful smoke—and less work on your end to get it.  


There are dozens of lighters on the market, though some work better for cigars than others. Torch lighters, in particular, are sleek and technologically advanced. They burn incredibly hot and, because they’re air-propelled, allow you to use them in windy conditions and get a clean burn almost immediately. 


This one in particular is ideal for your humidor. A hygrometer measures the humidity inside of your humidor, so you can constantly monitor where it’s sitting. Some hygrometers are analog and sit inside the box, while others are digital—they can even be built into the box itself, so you don’t need to open it in order to know that your cigars are happy and humid.  


A simple yet often necessary accessory, an ashtray is also a statement piece. With many styles and decorative options, it’s a unique way to add a little touch of flair to your cigar enjoyment. 

Seasoning Solution

Your humidor requires regular seasoning to stay in peak condition. A seasoning solution is the most efficient and effective way to do this. If you have a Klaro humidor, you can sign up for our Klaro Membership, which provides you with enough seasoning to keep it in good shape for a year. 

Glass Lid

Depending on the style and design of your humidor, yours may also have a glass lid. While this is largely aesthetic, it allows you to look in at your cigars and visually choose one before you open the lid and pick.

Why Have a Drawer on a Humidor?


So with all of the accessories, you can have on a humidor, why is a drawer a must-have? Quite simply because it helps keep all of your other humidor accessories contained in one place. Because many of the other tools associated with cigar appreciation can be small—and frankly, easy to lose—keeping them together makes it easy when you want to light up a cigar to enjoy. A drawer can commonly fit a lighter and a cutter, and many can also fit an ashtray as well (depending on the size of the one you choose).

A drawer is also a perfect place to keep a small travel case, which is ideal for when you want to throw your accessories together to take with you on a trip. 

In some humidor drawers, you’ll find foam cutouts to perfectly hold your accessories in one place. Otherwise, the drawer will commonly have a type of lining, with plus or velvet to help protect your accessories and prevent them from sliding around when you pull the drawer in and out.

It’s worth noting that, usually, only larger humidors will have drawers available to them. Others, like smaller desktop-sized humidors, simply don’t have the space. They’re still a great option for storing your stogies—they just can’t hold as many and usually won’t have the space for a drawer. Larger humidors usually hold between 25-100 cigars, and the drawer fits beneath the cigar storage area. Adding a drawer means you have everything you need in one place.
Jon Aguilar | Author
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