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Xikar Lighters: Inside the Best Torch Tech on the Planet

    Here at Case Elegance and Klaro Cigars, we test and hand-select the best cigar accessories based on their practicality, performance, form, and price all in mind. Simply put, if we wouldn’t use it on our own cigars, we sure as hell aren't going to promote it to anyone...

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How to Treat Mold in Your Cigar Humidor

  Mold loves moisture. It’s why you may see it in places like attics or basements, growing along the damp walls or along beams where humidity gets trapped and can’t breathe. Because of that, unfortunately, you may find mold in a cigar humidor as well. Cigars need a certain level...

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Can Different Types of Cigars Store in the Same Humidor?

One of the joys of cigar appreciation is trying a wide variety. You learn the subtle nuances of flavor profiles, tastes, styles, and the way different cigars made in different countries can differ so greatly.  Once you get really into the hobby and have more than a couple cigars on...

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Can You Fix a Humidor That’s Dried Out?

A humidor is the single best way to store your cigars. When properly seasoned and properly maintained, they create the ideal environment to keep your cigars in perfect smoking condition. Humidors use humidity to maintain your stogies. Wood absorbs a certain amount of liquid which it then releases and reabsorbs...

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Why a Drawer on Your Humidor is a Must-Have?

Considering a humidor? You’re making a wise decision. Humidors are the best way to store your cigars, keeping them in prime smoking shape so you can enjoy them whenever the occasion calls for one. And if you’ve started to look at humidors, you’re also probably realizing that humidors come in...

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Why You Should Consider a Humidor with a Glass Top

  You tend to notice the humidor room inside an establishment right away. Whether it’s the location of the walk-in humidor or the glass walls and rows of brown hues behind them, it’s hard to miss a cigar room. And harder still not to take a look at their selection....

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