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How to Treat Mold in Your Cigar Humidor

  Mold loves moisture. It’s why you may see it in places like attics or basements, growing along the damp walls or along beams where humidity gets trapped and can’t breathe. Because of that, unfortunately, you may find mold in a cigar humidor as well. Cigars need a certain level...

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The Ultimate Guide to Seasoning a Humidor

Your humidor is the easiest and most important way to keep your cigars in good condition and tasting great. But without proper “seasoning,” your humidor is just a plain wooden box—and an improperly seasoned humidor can actually damage your cigars. No one wants to ruin a fun investment.  While every...

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How to Set Up and Use a Humidor

When you buy your humidor, it doesn’t come ready for you to pop your cigar collection in there right away. You need to set up your humidor before you can use it.  This setup doesn’t take too long, and it’s not a difficult thing to do, but it is important....

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What kind of a humidor do I need to store Cuban cigars?

The fame of Cuban cigars is well earned. It is a unique and 100% natural luxury product. In its preparation, entirely by hand, leaves chosen from the best vegas in the country are used. According to their manufacturers, tobacco experts do not use chemical additives either in curing or manufacturing...

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Four reasons why cigars need to be humidified

Any cigar smoker knows that proper storage of cigars is critical to keeping smokes fresh. And the key environmental consideration in storage is the humidity level.  “Why is that,” you may ask? The reasons, though simple, are not always fully understood.  We offer the following explanations on why proper HUMIDITY...

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How do I know when my humidor is seasoned?

This is a daunting question to many first time humidor purchasers. You’ve gone out and purchased a new humidor, maybe even your second and now you're racking your brain trying to remember, how do I season this humidor? Well worry no more! You can check out a seasoning video for...

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