Any cigar smoker knows that proper storage of cigars is critical to keeping smokes fresh. And the key environmental consideration in storage is the humidity level. 

Why is that,” you may ask?

The reasons, though simple, are not always fully understood. 

We offer the following explanations on why proper humidity level is the most important friend of any great cigar.


  • Tobacco is a tropical plant. 

In order to maintain the characteristics that make it such a joy to smoke, tobacco’s native environment must be recreated and maintained.  Most of North America doesn’t have the natural ambient humidity of Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua, so we must resort to artificial means to keep tobacco moist.  The solution?  A humidor.

  • Cigars are hygroscopic in nature

This simply means that they will, over time, dry out in a dry climate or absorb moisture in a humid one. And they will continue to do so until their own moisture content matches that of the ambient climate around them.

  • A damp cigar will not burn properly

Not only will it be difficult to keep lit, but also difficult to draw on. The smoke may become too dense, leaving the smoker with a sour taste and a rank odor. Also, over-moist cigars will frequently split their wrappers.

  • A dry cigar will burn too hot

Just as a damp cigar will cause problems with the burn, so too will a cigar that is overly dry. Without the proper level of moisture, the combustion temperature of your cigar will be too high and the smoke will be hot and acrid against your palate.

For all the challenges of keeping cigars fresh, there is an overwhelming choice most smokers prefer when seeking a perfect medium in which to store cigars – a great humidor like our Case Elegance Humidor.

Our humidor is made of solid wood with Spanish Cedar Interior. It is the perfect humidor to store your cigars.

Storing your cigars in our humidor means that they will age well, draw easily, and burn steadily. And that means optimum flavor any cigar-smoker will appreciate.

Bill Dragon | Author
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