The fame of Cuban cigars is well earned. It is a unique and 100% natural luxury product. In its preparation, entirely by hand, leaves chosen from the best vegas in the country are used. According to their manufacturers, tobacco experts do not use chemical additives either in curing or manufacturing processes.

These aromatic leaves are the work of expertise and tradition. To guarantee its quality, the entire manufacturing process is subject to multiple and severe controls both in the agricultural process of cultivation and drying.

In general, cigars require some care when preserving them to prevent damage and enjoy this experience of the senses.

The most effective way to care for and preserve cigars is with a humidor. Cuban cigars are no exception. What is sought from a humidor is that it maintains optimum temperature and humidity levels to preserve all the properties of the cigar. 

A humidor can be a complete room, a small closet or a box designed especially for cigars. The most important feature is that it contains a source that generates or controls humidity. Ideally, humidors should maintain these humidity and temperature conditions automatically.

Another thing that must be taken into account is the manufacturing material. To preserve the properties of the Cuban cigar and any other, wood is the best option. The most popular among connoisseurs is that of Spanish cedar. This protects against tobacco beetles, has a high absorption capacity, ensures a stable environment, promotes the aging process of the cigar and helps improve their taste. Other preferred alternatives are American or Canadian red cedar and Honduran mahogany.

Nowadays, you can get humidors for all tastes and budgets. Many, in addition to fulfilling their main objective, can also serve as a very elegant decoration object. So if you advocate both functionality and style, check out these humidors.

Noely Hernández | Author
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