A new hydro tray is underway and will be included in many of our 2021 humidors. We've added several design changes to the original. We've noticed that a few customers have had issues with humidor solution accidentally spilling inside the humidor. To solve this issue, quadrants have been added to the interior of the Hydro Tray. Adding Humidor Solution to each corner provides equal humidity dispersion inside the humidor. The quadrants also stop accidental spillage if you lean the Hydro Tray. 

We widened the tray lid openings to help increase the humidity inside the humidor. Also, we increased the tray's height, so you're able to add more Humidor Solution without spilling.

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Michael Slate | Author
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Looking for a humidity tray. Any idea how long they’ll be sold out or how long it’ll be until you get some new inventory?

David Jurman

Can I buy a humidity tray separately?

Tom Cassady

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