Let's talk about the new Flint Cigar Travel Case by Klaro. This product is packed with innovation that might be overlooked at first passing.

Problem 1:

The main problem I noticed when using other travel cases that were both cheap and expensive was that they all were way too large. The typical super rigid construction wrapped in fake leather was off-putting and bulky and surely not ideal for throwing it into an already cramp weekender bag.

Solution 1:

When designing this travel case, I wanted to keep the traditional look and feel of a soft good leather case while also achieving supreme protection in a small form factor. Therefore, I developed a slim plastic hard-shell case that slides into a nylon sleeve. The thin wall thickness paired with rigid characteristics of plastic enabled us to store up to 5 cigars while respecting the small size of the case. The plastic hard-shell also incorporates raised ribs that prevent your cigars from rolling around when transporting.


Problem 2:

The second consistent problem that I ran into was the pockets for the accessories were either too big or too small. As other aficionados might relate, I have various sized accessories for different times, and more often than not, an oddly shaped triple torch was unable to fit.

Solution 2:

Instead of using traditional button flaps, we instead incorporated magnets into the nylon pocket flaps. The pocket flaps are adjustable because of elongated magnets tucked away inside the nylon, allowing all cigar accessories to fit easily. The snap of the magnetic closure is also very satisfying!

Problem 3:

The last major shortcoming was a dedicated pocket for humidity packs.

While these cases are generally not intended for long-term storage, it can be a great idea to include an Integra Boost or Boveda pack to ensure that your cigars are fresh when traveling to dry locations.


Solution 3:

On the left side, we have added an expandable mesh pocket that is porous, allowing small humidity packs to fit and transfer moisture into the case. This pocket can also be used for other unusually large or odd-shaped smoking accessories.

I'm always pursuing good design that creates a more memorable and valuable experience for our customers. Please reach out with any comments or suggestions.


Product Lead

Ian Bennett

Noely Hernández | Author
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