Listing the top best & most expensive watch-boxes is not an easy task as one might think.  There are several factors to consider: design, functionality, the quality of the materials,  among others. 

In the next lines, we will describe 10 watch boxes that excel in every aspect. 

Emelyanov Watch Box "Memory" ($3300)

The first position in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes is occupied by "Memory", handcrafted by the amber-redwood manufactory Emelyanov. This Russian company, founded in 1992, is famous for designing unique objects from artistic accessories to luxurious furniture. This particular piece is made of a royal walnut root, with the baltic amber inlay up to 4000 years old. The Emelyanov watch box Memory is a work of art that will complement the aesthetics and good taste of its owner.

Anthony Holt Designer Valet Watch Box ($1200)

A valet watch box worth $1200 has a well-deserved second place in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes. The quality of this genuine designer Anthony Holt 3 watch valet box is stunning.  Under license to Bentley Motors, this incredible piece is made in the UK and it's finished in fiddleback black stained maple mirror shine. Skilled craftsmen follow the highest standards in making this fine product from the finest materials. Your precious watch collection will keep safe and in total style. The interior is lined with crushed black suedette, with chrome-plated hinges and lock fitments. As an addition, it has a  compartment for other fine jewelry.

Bello Collezioni - Luxury Ebony Watch Box ($1195)

In third place, we find a watch box from Bello Collezione. The most precious and superior woods, ebony and burl, are used to handcraft this luxurious Italian watch box. Its interior is lined with ultra suede. several factors contribute to its uniqueness: design, function, quality, and beauty. It is a fine piece of furniture made to impress and, of course, to keep your timepieces safe. It can store 10 watches and comes with a lock and key.

Rapport London Est. 1898 Navy Blue Classic Eight Watch Box  ($1000)

This superb watch box is one of the newest addition to the Rapport London Est. 1898 Berkeley Collection. The piece has a luxurious leather covering in a sophisticated navy blue. Its gold fitments and rivets add to this watch collector box sobriety.  As for the interior, it is finished with a navy suede lining. The box has a lock and a key, and it's designed to hold up to eight watches. All o these features earn this watch box the fourth place in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes.

Bello Collezioni - Abruzzo Luxury Italian Briarwood Watch Box ($650)

Another incredible watch box from Bello Colleziones hits this top best & most expensive watch-boxes list. This lavish luxury Italian piece is hand-made of briar and burl. The beauty or feel of these natural woods cannot be replaced by fake reproductions. A beautiful mosaic trim around the top of the box adds to its unique design. The interior of this piece o art is lined with ultra suede. The cushions are removable, and it can hold 12 of your most valuable timepieces. It comes with a lock and a key.

Rapport London Est. 1898 Labyrinth Neutral Finish Solid Wood Collector Box ($750)

Coming in sixth place in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes, there is another piece from Rapport London Est. 1898. Handcrafted in solid wood with a neutral finish, the Labyrinth collector box can hold up to 10 timepieces. Its unique luster is achieved by multiple layers of hand-applied lacquer. ‌Luxurious suede lining covers the interior of this watch that is tailored to fit watches in individual compartments. This model is fitted with a lock and key.

BH Signature Watch Box ($600)

The Signature collection of BH & Co. was created for avid collectors and connoisseurs who appreciate the value of an exquisite luxury leather item. Italian artisans meticulously choose the best skins, threads and metal fittings. All this guarantees impeccable quality and improves the style of each of their creations.

Your precious timepieces can be stored and displayed in this exquisite leather watch box. A master craftsman uses a solid poplar wood shell, joined with luxurious Nebraska calf leather and finished with top quality metal fittings. It is also lined with tarnish-resistant ultra suede. In its 6 compartments, it can accommodate a variety of watch styles. This proudly makes the seventh position in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes.

Aspinal of London Five Piece Watch Box ($500)

Following our list, we have a product by Aspinal of London. Your most precious watches will find a luxurious home in this exquisite five-piece watch case. Master craftsmen have handcrafted this piece in Deep Shine Black Croc. They also use dyed and hand-polished Cobalt Blue Suede print  Italian calf leather. This exceptional piece has 5 lavishly lined compartments in contrasting soft Cobalt Blue suede. And the suede cushions can be removed to ensure that you securely hold and display your watches. It also has a distinctive plaque on the suede-line lid, solid brass hinges and a small brass lock for more security.

Gallante Red Leather Watch Box For 6 Watches ($330)

The GALLANTE watch box offers an impressive, elegant design. The finest details and a distinguished presentation make the storage of your watches a sensual experience. And the quality of the materials guarantees that your valuable timepieces will keep really safe. No wonder it holds the ninth position in our top best & most expensive watch-boxes list.

Red Birkenstock Beco Watch Collectors Box In Limited Edition ($200)

And closing our top best & most expensive watch-boxes selection, we have the Red Birkenstock Beco Watch Collectors Box. The Birkenstock watch case can hold up to 8 large wristwatches firmly in place. This beautiful piece has 2 separate removable trays. Other items such as rings or cufflinks can be stored in these compartments. It also has a practical bag area on the lid. It also has a bright red exterior finish with luxurious black velvet lining.


Now, although you cannot skimp when it comes to protecting your most precious treasures, there are always options. You don't always have to give up beauty or functionality in favor of affordability. Check out our amazing watch boxes collection.

Noely Hernández | Author
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