Whether it is a personal vacation or a business trip, deciding to take some “bling” along as you travel requires some planning. 

While jewelry can be a great accessory for any wardrobe, you want to follow some simple, but important, rules while on the road to be sure your jewelry is safe and returns home with you.  After all, stolen or lost jewelry can ruin even the best trip.

 Just ask reality star Kim Kardashian!

She was recently robbed and held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel room. More than $10 million worth of jewelry was stolen, including a massive 20-carat diamond ring, which Kardashian had shown on social media shortly before the robbery.

Ok, you’re probably thinking…

Get Real!” 

 And we understand.

After all, who would travel with so much expensive jewelry?

And that’s the first tip we suggest you follow when packing jewelry for a trip:

  • Keep it simple.

 That fact is, jewelry really shouldn’t be at the top of your packing list.  Learn from Kim’s mistake and only pack the jewelry you absolutely need.

  • Make sure your jewelry is properly insured.

We don’t know if Kim Kardashian’s jewelry was insured or not.  But, you should know most homeowners or rental policies only insure about $1,000.

  •  Consider worldwide jewelry coverage if you plan to travel out of the country.

Some insurance policies are only good within the States. Check your coverage if traveling abroad.

And, speaking of insurance coverage…

  • Have a current appraisal done on any expensive jewelry and adjust your insurance coverage accordingly before traveling. You want to be adequately insured in the event of loss, theft or damage.


  • If you’re flying, pack jewelry in your carry-on bag.

It should go without stating, NEVER pack jewelry in checked baggage where it will be a shiny temptation for security screeners.  Instead, either wear your jewelry or place it in your carry-on bag.


  • Jewelry (if not being worn) should be stored in a travel case you can carry with you into restaurants. Or, the case should be personally stored in a hotel room safe.

At caseElegance, we know how nerve-wracking it can while traveling with jewelry. 

And, we have the perfect solution!

The Case Elegance Travel Jewelry Case/Organizer.

Made of either vegan or genuine Saffiano Leather, it is supple and small enough to store in your purse or carry-on bag when traveling.

 Our line of Travel Jewelry Cases/Jewelry Organizers is the perfect solution when traveling with earrings, necklaces, pins, etc.


Bill Dragon | Author
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