Anyone traveling today would be wise to pack some essential items in their carry-on bag. These are the things you might need during the flight or don’t want to risk losing by packing in checked luggage.  Depending on the size of your carry-on bag, you could take a lot more than six items.  However, these six should be at the top of your list when packing your carry-on bag for that next flight:

Antibacterial Wipes

 YIKES! Think about all those germs you will come into contact with when traveling. From the airport to the shuttle bus, you’re going to be touching lots of germs. Decrease the ick factor with a pack of Wet Ones.


A headache or migraine often occurs during flight. While this is not fun, you can be prepared to nip it in the bud by keeping Advil close at hand.

Your passport 

Any savvy traveler knows the importance of keeping close watch of  valuable documents when traveling. You don’t want to pack these in checked luggage. In fact, making a few extra photocopies of these important documents to store in your wallet and toiletries bag is also a good idea.


 If you’re like me, you want to brush your teeth during lay-overs and delays. It helps to freshen your breath and gives you a boost of energy.

Extra Cash

 Carrying some extra cash is a good backup plan when traveling.  You never know where an ATM is when you need desperately need one.


Having a pair of slippers on long flights can help you relax your sore feet. Exchanging shoes for comfortable slippers inflight certainly helps you get comfortable on a cramped plane.

Your carry-on bag should also be where you keep your jewelry.  Pack all your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings in the Case Elegance Travel Jewelry Case. Then, snap it closed and slip the case into your purse or carry-on bag.  It eliminates any worry about taking those favorite jewelry pieces on that next trip.

Bill Dragon | Author
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