Crafted from an authentic M2A1 50 Caliber ammo can, this hardcore cigar humidor is easily the sturdiest product we have ever engineered at Klaro. 

Combining hardcore military-spec durability with modular internal design cues for maximizing humidity flow, accessibility, and storage, "The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro is the ultimate travel humidor for outdoor cigar enthusiasts.

  • Iconic Appeal & Weatherproof Practicality

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

Finished in either Military Green or Black Ops, each unit comes loaded with a "KLARO 50 CAL" graphic on one side and little else. Having a legit 50 Cal box double as your travel humidor speaks volumes, so we felt that there was no need to mess with such an instantly recognizable and timeless design.

Being that The Smoke Can is a genuine 50 Cal box, it is pretty much immune to the elements once that latch is closed. This makes this travel humidor ideal for prolonged outdoor adventures, fishing trips, and waiting out the zombie apocalypse from the comfort of your hunting cabin.

  • Modular Military-Grade Creativity

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

All of the components that make The Smoke Can so unique are removable, including its internals and the hinged lid that locks it closed. This makes it easier to access and rotate cigars, swap humidity packs, recondition cedar trays, and change mounting points for the included accessory pouch.

  • Magnet-Loaded Accessory Holder

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

Rocking a dark Multicam pattern, and formed from rugged ballistic nylon, the included magnetic accessory holder provides a simple yet extremely effective storage solution. Removable and mountable in any area, the dual pouch design allows easy access and drop-proof magnetized security for cigar cutters and lighters alike.

With its elongated Velcro strips and broad loading capacity accepting almost any lighter or cutter configuration on the market, this rugged little pouch allows you to securely bring your stogie gear along for the adventure. 

  • Integrated Humidity & Air Circulation Slots

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

Tucked inside the upper cedar tray, you will discover a machined black metal tray, which can be used for popping a humidity pack up top as needed. Additionally, you can place the included humidity starter pack beneath the lower cedar tray, as it is a raised bed design with integrated ventilation slots. 

  • Ballistics-Spec Hygrometer Housing

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

Powder coated in Black Ops opaqueness, the bracket that holds The Smoke Can's digital hygrometer is machined from the same gauge steel as the ammo box it sits inside. This U-shaped bracket can be pulled out to allow additional access to stogies, and with a tug, will slide to one end or the other as needed. Furthermore, this component doubles as a safety catch for cigars when they are placed in the upper cedar tray.

  • Authentic Spanish Cedar Trays

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

Being that military-spec metal doesn't do squat for cigar aromatics, humidity absorption, or moisture release, a duo of thick Spanish Cedar wooden trays come locked and loaded inside each humidor. Slotted for superior air and humidity circulation, these trays impart an intoxicating aromatic and play a key role in transforming this ammo canister into a humidor. 

Being that this is authentic Spanish Cedar, you will need to condition each tray with a humidor solution and allow the humidity inside to reach an equilibrium before placing your cigars inside. 

  • Large Loading Capacity

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

Each of these units can hold anywhere from 35-40 normal-size toros, 60-70 robustos, or 25-30 large ring-gauge gigantes. 

  • Help Send Some Stogies to Our Soldiers

Cigars for Warriors

Every unit sold will have a certain amount of its proceeds allocated to Cigars for Warriors. This is one of the many ways in which we like to give back at Klaro, as it allows the men and women of our armed forces an opportunity to relax and enjoy a tasty treat on us.

  • Dimensions & Weight

"The 50 Cal Smoke Can" from Klaro

W 5.75 x D 11.2 x H 7.2 (inches)

3.55 kilograms (7.8 lbs.)

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