For the conscientious cigar enthusiast, humidors are a necessity rather than an accessory. Humidors house your cigar collection and protect them, keeping them at the right humidity level and ensuring an enjoyable experience whenever you choose to partake.

For those just beginning their journey into the world of cigars, finding a good humidor should come prior to investing in your cigar collection. Storing your cigars without a humidor box can produce dry-cracking or mold can set in, depending on if the environment the cigars are stored in is too dry or too humid.

Luckily, finding a good humidor these days is easy and affordable. They’ve become easily accessible—you can find great humidors on Amazon—but you need to ensure you’re getting a quality humidor that protects and prolongs your cigars. 



Cigars must maintain the right humidity level to be enjoyed properly and not lose essential oils that are the source of flavor and aroma that distinguish their nuances. Humidors preserve cigars in their best condition. There’s no complicated science behind finding the right humidor. You just need to know what you’re after and why.

As you begin your search, one of the easiest places to look is Amazon—even for high-quality humidors. You’re likely familiar with the perks of Amazon: transparent inventory and availability, comparable products listed, and Prime membership offerings like free shipping and discounted price. Plus, in my experience, they work with vendors to provide acceptable tracking. 

There’s a significant selection of choice humidors on Amazon, though search results will often give you various accessories to sort through to find specific models. But the choices are out there. So, what are you looking for in a good humidor?

There are various types of humidors for sale, depending on the type, purpose, and size needed for your cigar collection. They range anywhere from travel humidors to cabinet humidors. Some are capable of housing a dozen cigars, others thousands.

Cheap humidors won’t always mean poor quality, but you need to know certain features to look for—Spanish cedar wood, for example. Here, we’ll highlight some great finds on that include those features.


Klaro Humidors

One of the best selections of humidors that’s widely available—Amazon and directly—is Case Elegance’s Klaro line. These stand up against any comparable humidor offering on the market in terms of size and traditional function, but their quality and patent-pending features are bar-none.

Unique to Klaro humidors is their humidification system, dubbed the Hydro System. A series of trays below your cigars evenly regulate humidification and eliminate the need for a humidification jar. This keeps your humidor at a range of 65-70 percent relative humidity, which is ideal for your cigar collection. And, paired with Klaro’s magnetic seal, you’ll maintain that setting.

Most Klaro humidors feature Spanish cedar in various components. Spanish cedar is a popular material for humidors for a couple of reasons: for starters, it handles humidity well. Spanish cedar absorbs excess humidity, keeping your cigars from excess hydration. It also rehydrates the air with that same absorbed water as your humidor is opened repeatedly. Spanish cedar has a great scent that doesn’t overwhelm your cigars.

From an aesthetic standpoint, all of the humidor box options in the Klaro line are incredibly well-crafted and speak for themselves and their different stylistic adaptations—all up to the buyer, of course. From classic styles like the Kingston Cherry to the innovative Octodor, each has something unique to offer both in design and style as well as application.

And now, to the humidors:

Humidors For Sale on Amazon

You’ll find all products in the Klaro line on Amazon, with two primary distinctions: humidors will be sold as a single unit, or many humidors are sold as a package along with accessories, like cigar cutters, torches, or travel cases. These added-value points are great if you don’t have these tools and accessories already. 

Peruse these different models to see which features and styles you prefer.

Renzo Glass Top Cedar



There’s no surprise that the Renzo is an Amazon best-seller. This humidor is a great all-around choice for cigar storage and quality protection.

Boasting Klaro’s low-maintenance, patent-pending Hydro System that maintains 65-72 percent humidity—as well as a front-facing digital hygrometer—this humidor is designed to make humidity control easy and accurate. The hygrometer comes pre-calibrated and is built into the box itself. On the outside, the box features a glass display top and a walnut finish. Renzo comes with a Spanish Cedar inlay and coaming, humidifier gel, and an accessory drawer. 

You can purchase this humidor on Amazon, or buy the Renzo direct from Case Elegance by clicking here.

Mill Glass Top 


The first thing that stands out about the Mill Glass Top humidor is the cedar planks that run vertically in the humidor, part of Klaro’s Peg System. This modular design of six cedar walls and pegs allows cigars to be stacked in multiple layouts. The Mill Glass Top humidor is larger than most other designs, allowing storage of 30-60 cigars, depending on the size of the cigars. It also features the Hydro System for optimal humidification, and it comes equipped with an accessory drawer for storage.

The style of the Mill Glass Top is elegant, with black matte wood grain on the outside that features solid metal handles. You can buy the humidor on Amazon or buy the Mill Glass Top humidor directly from us by clicking here.

Military Glass Top


Classic military Jeep-turned-humidor, the Military Glass Top humidor’s stunning look is only matched by its performance. The maker’s inspiration came from military footlockers, but the gunmetal components and sleek design give this a modern and sophisticated look. To further compliment the theme, this humidor features a foam-fitted accessory drawer, reminiscent of military storage cases. This is a larger humidor, too, capable of housing 50-100 cigars, depending on type and size.

Adding to the coolness factor of this humidor: a portion of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Find this humidor on Amazon or directly from Case Elegance by clicking here. 

 Octodor Glass Top

I saved the biggest for last, but the large size isn’t the only thing to like about the Octodor Glass Top. One thing that catches the eye at first glance is the unique hardware on this humidor—octagonal handles and elegant hinges all space grey. This adds to the overall look of the high gloss piano black finish. The Octodor comes with the best Klaro features: Hydro System, magnetic closing, front-facing digital hygrometer. Plus, there’s more room.

The Hydro System for the Octodor is actually recessed, which allows for more storage space for cigars. And you get even more space—and access—due to the removable storage tray that’s unique to Octodor. This humidor also features an accessory drawer. You’ll easily find this on Amazon but you can also find the Octodor directly from us by clicking here.

Kingston Humidor 


The Kingston humidor comes in two different finishes: cherry wood, and carbon fiber. These humidors feature a classy look and finish, with an interior made of Spanish cedar. They also feature Klaro’s innovative Hydro System. Both are equipped with an embedded, front-facing hygrometer that allows you to monitor humidity levels from the outside of the box.

Both the cherry wood and carbon fiber models can hold 25-50 cigars—depending on the size of the cigar—and have the option to be monogrammed in two different fonts. You can find this humidor on Amazon or buy either finish directly from us by clicking here. 

Desktop Digital/Analog Cherry 


On the smaller end of the spectrum come the Desktop Cherry humidor options, available with both an analog or digital hygrometer. Desktop humidors are a perfect option for novice cigar collectors beginning their collection. Or, use them as a transportable, second storage option if you own a primary humidor.

They store up to 25 cigars—depending on the size of the cigar—and don’t take up quite as much space as larger options. A rich cherry wood finish adds to their classic appeal, and you still get the benefits of Spanish cedar inlay and coaming.

Noely Hernández | Author
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