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The Ultimate Bug-out Bag for Cigar Enthusiasts

Survivalists prepare for the looming emergency situation when they need to flee their home in a hurry by prepping what’s known as a bug-out bag. This prepared bag includes basic short- and long-term survival items sure to benefit someone in a crisis. Think food rations, a multi-tool, water filtration system,...

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How Much Should A Humidor Cost?

The type of humidor you buy will differentiate the price. And the biggest difference in type is related to either size or material. For example, larger humidors generally carry a steeper price tag than small humidors or travel humidors. For material, wood humidors are often more expensive (and more effective)...

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What Size Humidor is Right for You?

As you’ve probably seen, humidors come in all shapes and sizes. From travel-sized versions ideal for carrying your favorite stogie on quick business-trips to the massive walk-in type that require pretty serious professional installation—unless you’re one heck of a handyman.  No matter where you are in your journey of cigar...

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The 2021 New Year’s Eve Cigar Checklist

  Watch the ball drop live from a cold New York City street, surrounded by fellow tourists. Enjoy a late night at the cocktail lounge and celebrate another strange year–or around a firepit with close friends and midnight pots and pans to bang. Or simply take a secluded hour in...

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Why Torch Lighters are Good for Cigars

  Along with a cutter and humidor, a quality torch lighter is a necessity for any cigar enthusiast. Process, aesthetics, getting the most from your cigar—without a good torch lighter, you might be missing out on part of the experience We should agree on a simple standard, that gas-station lighters,...

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Basic Humidor Accessories You Can't Do Without

Once you’re into cigar appreciation—really into it—a humidor is an obvious choice as your next step. It’s the perfect accompaniment that protects your stogies, keeps them at an optimal smoking condition, and in some cases can even improve their taste. Buy the right type of humidor and you’re even looking...

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