Once you’re into cigar appreciation—really into it—a humidor is an obvious choice as your next step. It’s the perfect accompaniment that protects your stogies, keeps them at an optimal smoking condition, and in some cases can even improve their taste. Buy the right type of humidor and you’re even looking at an heirloom that can be passed down among your family. 

Once you’re taking that next step, though, there’s an entire world of other humidor accessories that can take your cigar smoking into the next level. Admittedly, not all of the accessories listed here are completely necessary for your hobby (though some certainly are), the others can add a certain air and glamor to the ritual. 

Below you’ll find a list of accessories to help you enjoy your cigars, but more importantly, some of these items will help protect your stogies while they’re in your humidor—and keep your humidor in perfect shape. 


The hygrometer is one of the most important parts of your humidor. While all of our Klaro humidors include a hygrometer—often built into the case itself—other models don’t. Because the hygrometer is the key element in determining the level of humidity inside your cigar case, it’s important to invest in one that works well. 

Ideally, your hygrometer will be able to determine the humidity levels within 1-2 percent. And as you’re seasoning your humidor (which you’ll read more about below), you want the hygrometer to read between 67-72 percent.

It’s worth noting that humidors with a built-in hygrometer may be slightly more efficient at determining the internal humidity levels because of more ideal placement. If your hygrometer sits too close to the hydro tray, for example, it can provide a higher reading than is accurate for the rest of the humidor.   

Humidor Solution

The most important step in maintaining your humidor is seasoning it. And while there are several schools of thought on seasoning, including processes like simply sponging water onto the interior lining of your humidor or using other two-way humidification systems, our research has led us to a finely tuned humidor solution that quickly and easily seasons your Klaro humidor. This solution has been developed using precision measurements and crystals to allow the hydro tray to hold even more of the solution, thereby protecting your humidor—and your cigars—even longer. 

If you’re in a dry climate or at high altitude, we have a specially formulated seasoning solution for those environments as well. If seasoning your humidor is important to you—and it should be—you can consider our Klaro Membership, which provides you with a year’s worth of materials to continually season your humidor and keep it in tip-top shape.     

Ash Tray

An ash tray is almost an afterthought, isn’t it? And if you’re enjoying your smoke outside on the deck, there’s no real need for one. But they do serve a purpose and have a place. First, they help collect ash into a single place. If you’re indoors, this is a must. But even if you’re outside, collecting ash in an ash tray keeps your area clean and prevents ash from smudging up the surfaces around you. While it may seem small, they also give you a place to safely rest your stogie when you need both hands. Most importantly, if you live in an area with a dry climate, collecting your ashes may help prevent wildfires. 

Second, not unlike your humidor, an ash tray can act as a statement piece for your home. We’re not talking about the old amber-colored ash trays you may find in a roadside motel. They act as decorative features, with interesting colors and designs that help accentuate your home. 


A good, clean cut can determine just how nicely a cigar smokes. As you probably know, it’s necessary to open one end of a cigar before you light it. Movies may have you believe there are any number of ways to open one—and there are, like using a nail to pierce an opening. Any option works in a pinch, but a proper cigar cutter adds an air of elegance to the ceremony, and a perfect cut can help air flow around the tobacco and leave you with a cleaner burn.

There are numerous types of cutters available, and it’s mostly a personal preference which type you choose. Some prefer smaller cutters that they can keep on them, while others opt for larger, more serious types that are difficult to misplace. The main thing you want in your cutter is a sharp blade that won’t alter the structure of the cigar. Two blade cutters are popular for this reason—one quick snip with the dual razors and you’ve got a good cut that’s ready to light.  

Torch Lighter


Just like ash trays or cutters, there are an untold number of lighters available to the modern cigar smoker. Ranging from a simple match to the classic flick lighter, to the famous capped lighter and up to the torch lighter, any of these will light your stogie. Some just do it a little more efficiently than others. They’ve all got their pros and cons, but a torch lighter is pretty hard to beat. 

A torch lighter burns hot and hard. In fact, many models are wind-resistant or windproof, which makes them ideal for breezy days out on a golf course or a boat. A concentrated flame lets you evenly and thoroughly light your cigar to create an even burn—and in the event your burn isn’t even, you can touch up easily. They’re sleek and attractive, and if you’re into innovation, there are newer models usually released every year. 

Travel Case

Headed out on a vacation or a work trip? Or just getting out of Dodge for a while? Of course you want to bring a cigar or three along with you. There are plenty of ways to do it, but one surefire way to keep your stogies in good condition—plus bring along a couple of necessary accessories—is in a travel case

Good travel cases usually include space for up to four cigars, and have a hard shell interior to protect their structure. There’s often a space for your cutter, plus a small area for a humification pack. Many also include a space for your lighter, but remember that TSA won’t let you carry on a torch lighter—but you can check it without question. 

Jon Aguilar | Author
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