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Does Climate Affect Your Humidor Box?

Climate change. It’s not just for environmentalists and meteorologists anymore. It doesn’t matter what the weather looks like outside. Cigar smokers have to worry about what’s happening inside their humidor at that particular moment and prepare for what next week’s forecast may bring. A well-seasoned, properly sealed humidor box is...

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Cigar Accessories: The Perfect Bachelor Party Gifts

Of the many iconic celebratory events perfect for cigar smoking, the classic bachelor party ranks high, close on the heels of celebrating childbirths and winning Super Bowls. More often than not, the smokers in your crew will bring along several different cigar selections for the golf course, the whiskey room,...

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What Size Humidor is Right for You?

As you’ve probably seen, humidors come in all shapes and sizes. From travel-sized versions ideal for carrying your favorite stogie on quick business-trips to the massive walk-in type that require pretty serious professional installation—unless you’re one heck of a handyman.  No matter where you are in your journey of cigar...

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How to Treat Mold in Your Cigar Humidor

  Mold loves moisture. It’s why you may see it in places like attics or basements, growing along the damp walls or along beams where humidity gets trapped and can’t breathe. Because of that, unfortunately, you may find mold in a cigar humidor as well. Cigars need a certain level...

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What to Look for in the Best Small Humidor

    There are several good reasons to own a small humidor. It could be a smart an alternate to your primary, larger humidor. Small humidors are fantastic if it's your first foray into collecting cigars. They also work great if you don’t smoke often enough to warrant a high-capacity...

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