Of the many iconic celebratory events perfect for cigar smoking, the classic bachelor party ranks high, close on the heels of celebrating childbirths and winning Super Bowls. More often than not, the smokers in your crew will bring along several different cigar selections for the golf course, the whiskey room, or the campfire to enjoy together. Follow suit, and consider accessorizing the celebration with cigar-themed gifts.

The bachelor party is the perfect time to commemorate bachelorhood, celebrate marriage, share a few stogies, and look forward to what’s next. It’s also an event that often brings together close friends who see one another less often than they’d like. Why not send off your guests with a gift to symbolize the good times spent together and follow suit with the cigar theme? 

Hence, cigar accessories as bachelor party gifts. Before it’s time to tie the knot, make the most of your bachelor party with gifts you can use during the party and that your groomsmen can take with them to remember the experience. 

Torch Lighters

Set the scene. You and your closest friends meet out of town for a weekend of fun events, relaxation, and several evenings at the cocktail lounge, the campfire, or the Airbnb porch for nightcaps. Start the festivities off on the right foot by giving each of your groomsmen a personalized, quality torch lighter. 

Consider the torch lighter: an ultra-hot multi-jet butane lighter that creates a constant flame and can withstand most wind without affecting the flame. These are different from regular lighters, and their usefulness goes beyond lighting cigars. Take, for instance, the fact that you can point torch lighters in any direction and still get a direct flame.

In the right context, the torch lighter is the modern-day equivalent of the classic zippo issued in WWII, which were quickly personalized with engravings to mark important events. 

For your case, consider the Klaro Double Torch Lighter, which you can have engraved with three-letter initials. Not only is this a reliable, capped, adjustable double-jet torch lighter, but the bottom folds out to reveal a handy punch-cutter. For your guests not traveling by air, consider equipping them with additional butane to make their lighting experience last far into the future.

Cigar Cutters

Following suit, cigar cutters are an important accessory that, done correctly, make for great bachelor party gifts. But aren’t cigar cutters a dime a dozen? And can’t I just use my teeth when in a tight spot? Sure. But that’s the difference between owning quality items you respect and, well, barbarism. There’s a James Bond-like quality when even someone’s cigar cutter is top-quality and meaningful. Choose that route for your closest friends.  

And that’s what you get from the Xikar premium metal cigar cutter equipped with double stainless steel blades. This is a versatile option great for small and large gauge cigars, and it’s quality you can stand behind and feel comfortable sharing with your friends. 

If you like the idea of the cigar cutter and torch lighter but want to up the ante, consider a bundled package that merges several cigar and humidor accessories with the Klaro accessory bundle, featuring a cutter, torch lighter, and a 2-cigar premium travel case. 

Travel Humidors

Humidors are a mainstay for any cigar smoker who understands the importance of protecting and prolonging quality cigars. They make excellent table or office pieces when you find a well-crafted design that fits your aesthetic, and they improve the quality of your smoking experiences exponentially by keeping your cigars at the optimal humidity levels. But humidors can also be bulky as a gift and are likely not a great option when it comes to gifting for five or six groomsmen. 

Travel humidors are an excellent option to present at the bachelor party. It’s reasonable to suspect your guests might be traveling from around the country or further, so this is also a guaranteed option to fit into their luggage or a side pocket on their carry-on. It’s something that, if you purchase the right one, will last years to come. 

Consider the brown or black Flint Travel Leather cigar travel humidor options. These reliable, durable travel humidors are made from fine italian leather and high-quality YKK zippers to ensure your cigars are humidified and protected, and you travel in style. And don’t send your guests away with an empty travel humidor. As you shop for cigar options for the bachelor party, option out a few choice selections to include in the travel humidors you gift out. It’s the little things. 

The Complete Package

So you share a couple stogies, have a few laughs, and share with your friends some personalized gifts that will last them years to come to remember the weekend and the celebration. If you’re really pulling out all the stops here, consider a combination package of sorts–the full spectrum of cigar accessories they can still fit into their luggage, wrapped into a single travel humidor case.

What you’re looking at is a combination package of a travel humidor equipped with torch lighter, cutter, a couple stogies, and a monthly cigar subscription to keep the party going. 

A gift like this is sure to dazzle your group, and with the added benefit of choice cigars arriving to them on a month by month basis for a year, they’ll be talking about this for a while. 

For the non-smokers?

For the non-smokers in your group–or to add another element to your gifts during your bachelor party–check out the other meaningful offerings from Case Elegance to consider as gifts. Not only can you assure the quality of these options, but you get some ideas you might never have considered: a travel watch box, for example. From watch boxes to tie travel cases to fine leather journals, these are the types of handcrafted, quality items that your groomsmen are sure to remember and value for years to come. 

Jon Aguilar | Author
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