Winter is almost here, and you might be experiencing low humidity issues.

Let's look at Noely's tip on how to boost the humidity switching from regular solution to winter/dry climate solution. 

Sometimes, it's a bit more difficult to keep the humidity up. This definitely depends on where you live and the season.

If you are using our Hydro System (or any gel based system), the best way to raise humidity is to use the Winter + Dry humidor solution that comes with our Klaro Membership.

It's especially designed for winter or dry areas and it helps to boost the humidity during cooler months. All you have to do is to remove about 1/3 of the contents of the tray, refill with the Winter + Dry humidor solution, stir, then put it back together.  

That should give your Klaro humidor a nice humidity boost.


Noely Hernández | Author
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