Ladies watch trends for 2017 are all about color, striking dials, gorgeous straps, the sparkle, and getting back to the basics. The basics we are referring to are watch sizes, styles, materials, and affordability.  Petite watch sizes with slim dainty cases and thin straps are now trending along with the large menswear inspired and large face watches.

Colors are popular!

There are lots of bold blues and blacks, vibrant to pastel colors, yellow gold and rose gold tones, cool watch bans, and eye-catching dials. As you might expect, also trending in popularity are the smartwatches and activity trackers that are health and fitness functional.

Attractive dials are a focus trend

This year is all about stunning watch faces that will catch the eye.  Colored dials and watch face decorations of feathers, lace, flowers, wild animals, birds, and art. Dials might be be-jeweled with precious stones or crystals.

Watch band straps are bold and cool

Watch bands are on the spotlight this year. Fashion designers have revamped watch straps. Leather watch straps come in bold, vibrant, and pastel colors; reds, pinks purples, blues, greens, and oranges.

It’s back to the basics in sizes, styles, materials, and affordability

Petite sizes are in style in 2016. Elegant and delicate smaller-size with slim straps are back in style.

Popular material is stainless steel for affordability.  Simplicity is sophistication with slim cases, streamlined designs and clean and minimal faces.

For the lady who values fine watches, this accessory is far more than just something to “tell time”.  It’s a true fashion statement. And, CaseElegance has the perfect way to keep her collection of fine watches safe and secure. 


Our Watch Case Classic collection has been made with the true watch collectors and enthusiasts in mind. Whether you enjoy wearing Rolex, Omega, Invicta, Titan, Bvlgari, Breguet, Chopard, Patek Phillipe or any other high-end watch, we've got your display and storage needs covered.

Bill Dragon | Author
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