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Four trends for 2017 in Men’s Watches

Fashion trend forecasting is a challenge! The fickle influences of changing attitudes, changing faces, and celebrity endorsements all affect fashion direction.  And this doesn’t account for potential political and financial shifts. So, like other areas in fashion, tracking trends in watches is a daunting task.  Still, we have gleaned these trends for 2017 from industry experts:  There is a trend toward niche brands of watches   Stuart Hennell, Founder & CEO of Watchfinder, points to a trend toward niche brands like Richard Mille. These brands offer avant-garde designs “that will undoubtedly influence other manufactures this year.”   We may see fewer smartwatches   Paul Sweetenham, CEO of Farer Watches, reflects “I expect to see some of the bigger, older brands...

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Top 6 fashion trends in Ladies watches for 2017

Ladies watch trends for 2017 are all about color, striking dials, gorgeous straps, the sparkle, and getting back to the basics. The basics we are referring to are watch sizes, styles, materials, and affordability.  Petite watch sizes with slim dainty cases and thin straps are now trending along with the large menswear inspired and large face watches. Colors are popular! There are lots of bold blues and blacks, vibrant to pastel colors, yellow gold and rose gold tones, cool watch bans, and eye-catching dials. As you might expect, also trending in popularity are the smartwatches and activity trackers that are health and fitness functional. Attractive dials are a focus trend This year is all about stunning watch faces that will...

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How to travel with your collection of expensive watches

If you're a watch-owner, you know the FEAR! When traveling with expensive watches (or other expensive jewelry), there is always the concern about theft or damage that might occur.   Airports pose a unique dilemma. After all, if you have a $5,000 Rolex, the very thought of having to take it off and place it in a bucket on a conveyor belt because a TSA agent or metal detector said to can make your stomach churn.  Let’s face it, it certainly wouldn’t be too hard for someone to swipe that watch before you get through the detector to the other side. Believe it or not, I’ve seen people put an expensive watch in the shoes that they place on the...

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