Fashion trend forecasting is a challenge!

The fickle influences of changing attitudes, changing faces, and celebrity endorsements all affect fashion direction. 

And this doesn’t account for potential political and financial shifts. So, like other areas in fashion, tracking trends in watches is a daunting task. 

Still, we have gleaned these trends for 2017 from industry experts: 

  1. There is a trend toward niche brands of watches


Stuart Hennell, Founder & CEO of Watchfinder, points to a trend toward niche brands like Richard Mille. These brands offer avant-garde designs “that will undoubtedly influence other manufactures this year.”


  1. We may see fewer smartwatches


Paul Sweetenham, CEO of Farer Watches, reflects “I expect to see some of the bigger, older brands look towards the archives and present some braver dial designs. “Also, fewer smartwatches – we get the idea, but they’re a completely different ballgame (and customer) to the traditional Swiss industry.”


  1. Sports and pilot watches will be big this year


According to Simon Spiteri, Accessories Buyer at Mr. Porter, these watches will be popular with a continuation of smaller case sizing. “We find men prefer watches that go from day to night, so we can expect these models to have an all-round appeal."

    4. Mechanical watches will be promoted to younger buyers

Watches Journalist Alex Doak sees a movement to entice younger customers into investing in a mechanical watch over, say, an Apple Watch. “Better value, more honesty, not being afraid to talk up the ‘science bit’ of automatics.”

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Bill Dragon | Author
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