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How to pack a carry-on with a week’s worth of clothes!

Share This Infographic On Your Site         In this age of air travel, packing your suitcase presents challenges. The fear of losing your luggage (even if it’s unlikely) combined with the fees for checked luggage makes one think twice about what to pack and how to pack for that next trip. What if there was a way to pack ALL your clothes in a single carry-on size bag for that next week long trip?  It would eliminate those worries AND save you time spent retrieving checked luggage at baggage claim.  Sound good? If so, read on. First, we’ll discuss the standard ways people usually pack.  Then, we’ll share an alternative (best) way that will allow you to...

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Seven things NOT to pack in your checked luggage when traveling

Keeping up on the TSA rules regarding what you can carry-on or check in your luggage can be difficult. A simple rule to follow is “when in doubt, leave it out!” A rude encounter with a TSA agent confiscating something that doesn’t pass security can ruin your whole trip. Of course, anything of value should be put in your carry-on. Here’s 7 things you definitely want to pack in your carry-on: Important documents like passports and boarding passes All sensitive or private information should be kept with you and not packed in checked luggage. Enough said! Cash and credit cards Many people are not aware that selected checked bags are opened by TSA agents and screened by hand.  Don’t temp...

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