Hardly a week goes by without hearing news about a customer service-related meltdown that occurred on a flight. Often, it involves an interaction between airline personnel and customers.  Many of these public relations nightmares for the airlines could be avoided if both the flying public and the airline personnel were more civil towards each other. Let’s face it, being a flight attendant is a tough job. They are under a lot of stress dealing with packed planes and sometimes demanding customers. Let’s keep this in mind as we fly those friendly skies. You can make the attendant’s jobs easier by not  asking them these questions during your next flight:

  1. Do you have any aspirin?

You may think asking an attendant for an aspirin is a simple request. But, federal regulations prevent them from dispensing any medications to passengers. Plan for that possible headache by bringing your own medications in your carry-on bag.

  1. Where is my seat? 

Don’t you dare ask this question! Finding your seat is really a simple process of looking at your boarding pass. Attendants are too busy to bother ushering you personally to your designated seat.

  1. Can you put my bag in the overhead compartment?

Attendants are not allowed to lift your bags, as they might get injured. It’s your job to hoist that bag into the bin above. If it’s too heavy, perhaps you should have checked it.

  1. Can you make someone change seats with me?

Okay…, so you did not get to sit next to a companion/family member/friend that is also on the flight.  Attendants can’t make other passengers play musical chairs just to accommodate you.  So, deal with the seat selection you have and don’t ask them to move people.

  1. Can I have one of those empty seats in first-class? 

Just because there is an empty seat in first class doesn’t mean you are entitled to it. Those seats require you to pay for them. Attendants are not going to move you to a premium seat if you didn’t pay for it.

  1. How much longer will we be delayed? 

Attendants don’t like delays on the tarmac any more than we do.  In fact, they like it less!  They are not getting paid for the flight until the plane pulls away from the gate!  And, truthfully, they probably don’t know any more about how long the delay will be than you.

  1. How long will the seatbelt sign be on?

The seat belt sign will be turned on by the pilot when he expects turbulence.  He is the only one controlling it’s use and he determines when to turn it off.  Attendants don’t have a crystal ball to determine how long the turbulence will last, so don’t ask them.

Following these guidelines will make your flight attendant’s jobs just a little less stressful the next time you fly.  And, speaking of less stressful, Case Elegance has a stress-free way to travel with jewelry.  Our Travel Jewelry Case is the perfect way to safety pack your jewelry in your carry-on or purse the next time you travel. Check it out!



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