Keeping up on the TSA rules regarding what you can carry-on or check in your luggage can be difficult. A simple rule to follow is “when in doubt, leave it out!” A rude encounter with a TSA agent confiscating something that doesn’t pass security can ruin your whole trip. Of course, anything of value should be put in your carry-on.

Here’s 7 things you definitely want to pack in your carry-on:

Important documents like passports and boarding passes

All sensitive or private information should be kept with you and not packed in checked luggage. Enough said!

Cash and credit cards

Many people are not aware that selected checked bags are opened by TSA agents and screened by hand.  Don’t temp anyone to steal by placing cash or credit cards in your checked suitcases.

Laptops and other electronics

You paid a lot of money for that Mac or iPad.  It makes sense to protect electronics from the rough and tumble treatment inflicted on suitcases by baggage handlers. Carry these with you onto the plane.

All your clothes

Instead of packing all your clothes in checked luggage, consider packing one-days’ worth of wardrobe in your carry-on. If you lose your luggage, you will then have enough clothing to last at least a day at your destination.


It only makes sense to pack these essentials in your carry-on. They don’t really take up much room and can be critically important.

Food and drink

Bottled drinks could crack or explode in transit and ruin your cashmere sweater. Delayed flights could result in food items packed in checked luggage spoiling.  Wouldn’t you really rather be eating and drinking those things during that delay anyway?

Valuables, including jewelry

While few people actually lose their luggage when flying, if you happen to be among those .012 percent that do, you’ll be glad you packed your favorite watch or jewelry in your carry-on. 

Speaking of valuables, Case Elegance has the perfect way to pack valuables securely for your carry-on!

Our Vegan Watch Roll Organizer is small and compact, storing 3 watches, and fits perfectly in your carry-on.


Our Saffino Leather Jewlery Travel  is perfect for your everyday jewelry pieces (earrings, necklaces, pins, etc.).  It’s perfect size to stick in your purse or carry on when you travel.

Bill Dragon | Author
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