It’s the challenge any retailer or e-commerce entrepreneur faces...

You found the ideal niche market complete with potential customers by the dozens and profit potential galore.   You have found that perfect location, or even created a super e-commerce site.

There’s just one problem.

Where are you going to find those unique products to stock your shelves?

Many entrepreneur’s just starting out face this dilemma. While you may know exactly who your target clientele is, you still face the tiny detail of finding the actual product. 

Where can I get a supply of XYZ to sell -  and get it for a fair price?”

Well, there are various options.  Each represent opportunities to land contacts for sourcing those one-of-a-kind products you know will meet your market needs:

 Trade shows

Trade shows are a great source to spot upcoming trends and network with potential suppliers.  Depending on your focus, there are industry-specific shows taking place around the country. Register and attend some. You will quickly meet other like-minded buyers and suppliers who can familiarize you with the ins and out of product sourcing.

 Trade magazines

 Just as there are industry-specific shows, so too are there trade magazines where companies advertise their wares to potential wholesale buyers. Not only can you find products you need, but you can often find out if that particular company will be exhibiting at any upcoming trade show you can attend.

 Trade organizations

Organizations or industry associations related to products you are looking for are useful. Joining them could be an ongoing source of matching you (the buyer) up with multiple sellers. There are many publications you can review at your local library to find just the right associations you want to join.  One source is Gale’s Encyclopedia of Associations.

 CaseElegance has an even better idea!

Located right here in the Midwest, CaseElegance has a product line that offer stylish, high quality, one-of-a-kind products for a variety of clientele.  As our name implies, our products exude ELEGANCE.

And, we enjoy working with start-up entrepreneurs looking for those unique product suppliers who can dependably ship orders of smaller quantities.  After all, as a merchandizer just starting out, you really don’t want to tie up capital ordering container- size shipments from overseas.

Take a look at our line of fashionable products. Then, if you find something you think your customers would like for themselves, contact us. 

We share your entrepreneur spirit and are always looking for new partners!

Bill Dragon | Author
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