Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the time to show Mom just how much you treasure her. Every year that you get to celebrate Mother’s Day becomes more special. While your gift to her may fall into the category of jewelry, home décor, gardening tools, kitchen gadgets, or clothing, you want to be sure it is unique and something she will really use. After all,

You owe it to Mom to make sure her Mother’s Day gift is USEFUL.

Case Elegance offers eight ideas when gifting Mom on her special day. Most any Mom will treasure a gift from this list and find it awesome!  But, more importantly, she will also appreciate how useful it is!


  1. Classes

We all value experiences more than stuff. With that idea in mind, why not give Mom an experience that also teaches a lasting skill?  Whether it’s cooking, knitting, or even karate, Mom will love the opportunity to learn something new in a fun environment.  You might even include yourself as a partner in the class. A year after the event, my mother still raves about the How to make macarons cooking class she and I attended at our local Sur La Table.


  1. Magazine subscription

If your Mom is like mine, there are certain magazines she loves reading, but for some reason has never actually subscribed to.

Whether her interests lie in home decorating, cooking, or a unique hobby like doll-making, there is certainly a magazine in that genre she’ll love getting delivered right to her home. A subscription is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Daughters, consider partnering with Mom for gift ideas #3 and #4 below.  She’ll enjoy your companionship.


  1. Pedicure or Manicure.

Tell your Mom it’s time to kick up her heels and enjoy these spa staples. Her feet will be polished and massaged to pretty perfection. Pedicures are a fantastic gift idea for anyone looking for a quick fix. The same thing can be said for manicures. Healthy nails and feet just make anyone feel great!


  1. A day at a Spa

 Spas may not have been the rage when your Mom was young, so you may have to encourage her to indulge in one. Consider alleviating any concerns she may have about what to expect by making it a fun and relaxing day at the spa for both of you. Treatments typically offered in day spas include massages, facials and makeup application, electrolysis, spa manicures and pedicures, body treatments like exfoliation, wraps and packs, aromatherapy, and hair services like cutting, styling and coloring.


  1. Music

Whether it's "old-fashioned" CDs, an iTunes gift card, a Spotify Premium account or something else, music is a gift Mom can enjoy over and over.


  1. Netflix/Amazon Prime membership

Forget the restaurant gift certificate. Instead, surprise Mom with a sweet membership to Netflix or Amazon Prime. She can binge watch her favorite shows to her heart’s delight!  If she likes ordering online (and what modern woman doesn’t?), an Amazon Prime membership will not only give her access to movies/TV shows but also offer free shipping for thousands of online purchases. Now how useful would that be?!


  1. Health tracker

A stylish health tracker wristband will help Mom count her steps, measure the calories she burns, and analyze her sleep. Plug it into a smartphone, and the free app will plot her fitness and food logs in a beautiful, easy-to-read chart.

And now, one more useful gift idea for Mom…


  1. Our Case Elegance Travel Jewelry Case



Perfect for any globe-trotting Mom, our convenient Travel Jewelry Case solves the dilemma of how to pack jewelry for a trip. Honestly, what woman doesn’t want to travel with her favorite jewelry? With our travel jewelry case, Mom can safely pack her favorite pieces (earrings, necklaces, pins, etc.) and stick the case in her purse or carry-on.  Truly a useful gift for your Mom on-the- go!

Useful Mother's Day Gifts


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