There’s something unique about the feel and smell of real leather.

It’s a natural material that’s always fashionable and stylish.  That’s why so many things, from wallets, purses, belts, jackets, luggage, furniture and even interiors of cars are made of it.

The genesis of leather

How did leather come into being? 

Actually, it has existed for many centuries, going all the way back to the cave man. And, it’s always been used for both decorative and functional purposes. Ancient leather craft was used as a status symbol during the Roman and Egyptian times and was popular across different cultures throughout Africa, Asia, America and Europe.

During the medieval times, tanning tools were guarded because of the trade it brought to the different cultures. Spain had perfected complicated leather making at this time.

Leather today

Contemporary leather craft is currently used in the manufacture of clothes, shoes, furniture and other things. While there is the rise of synthetic leather often made from plastic and other synthetic materials, it’s real leather that attracts the discriminating consumer.

 At CaseElegance, we celebrate the popularity of this natural material with our Handmade Leather Journal Travel Diary with Bamboo Pen.

It’s made of genuine leather-no vinyl or other lame substitutes here.

Complimented with a beautifully textured BAMBOO pen, this journal has a unique PEN LOCKING MECHANISM that keeps everything secure and insure you always have a pen available.

Journaling is a popular trend again -  even Oprah Winfrey is praising the benefits of daily journaling.  

And, what better way than with the CaseElegance handmade leather journal diary.  It’s the perfect leather craft gift for yourself or someone special.

Bill Dragon | Author
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