On Klaro humidors, humidity is the bigger number in the middle of the hygrometer, temperature is the smaller number in the upper right hand corner. The ideal temperature is 70 degrees fahrenheit, the ideal humidity is between 65 to 72%.

First let’s talk temperature:

The most important thing about temperature is to keep it consistent, not letting it fluctuate a ton. The second most important thing is to keep the temp as close as you can to 70 degrees fahrenheit.

At higher temperatures, greater than 72f the tobacco leaves starts to open up and let more humidity inside. Which means even if you’re humidity inside is 70%, if your temperature is too high your cigars will feel wet and will expand and could break the wrapper.

At lower temps, like 65 degrees or lower, the tobacco will close up and even at 70% humidity, your cigars will feel dry. Or the opposite of that, the outside of the cigar will be physically wet but the inside dry because the moisture is not permeating the tobacco, it’s just sitting on the outside.

So, before you start freaking out that your humidor is reading 68% but the cigars feel dry. Check your temperature.

Now, let’s talk about the typical rate of change of a cigar. Typically a cigars humidity changes about 1% per week. So a couple weeks of low humidity won’t ruin your cigars.

Humidity is also an imprecise instrument, meaning not to chase a specific number on your humidity gauge. I think if you talk to most aficionados they prefer to smoke cigars at around 65 to 67%. 70%+ can many times be too wet for a nice burn and flavor profile.
Michael Slate | Author
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