Any aficionado of fine cigars is faced with the dilemma of How to store cigars to keep them fresh. Most solve the problem by using a fine humidor to store their cigars, others resort to falling for some of the myths and miscellaneous information regarding cigar storage.

 Here are a few of those major myths you should avoid:

  •  Storing your cigars in the refrigerator/freezer

 Forget this myth! 

No tobacconist has EVER advocated this as a long-term storage solution.

Think about it. 

Refrigerators whisk moisture AWAY from food in an attempt to prevent mold.  That’s the exact opposite of what cigars need in order to stay fresh. 

  • Apples will keep cigars fresh

Some people try putting slices of apples in Tupperware with their cigars instead of buying a humidor.

Forget that idea! 

First, the taste of the apple will alter the flavor of the cigar.

Second, apples themselves are the perfect medium for mold.  Not a pretty site in a couple of days!

  • Dry, stale cigars can be resurrected by adding lots of humidity

While cigars can be reconditioned slightly by adding humidity, adding too much too quickly to a cigar poses problems.  The inner core of leaves will expand much more quickly than the outermost layer, causing the wrapper to split.

  • Cedar will keep cigars fresh

This belief DOES have some validity.

Most humidors are lined with some type of cedar or similar wood. It is not a proven fact that cedar will enhance the aging process and improve the taste of the cigars.  It is true that cedar serves a very practical purpose in providing a natural deterrent to many types of insects.

Our Case Elegance Humidor is made of solid wood with a Spanish Cedar interior and an attractive cherry veneer external finish.

And, you will enjoy the extra storage we created by allowing you to slip one more underneath our specially designed hygrometer bridge

Bill Dragon | Author
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