Let’s face it.

There are times when it’s a real challenge to find the “perfect” gift for a special person. Increasingly, many people resolve the dilemma by simply purchasing a gift card.

 But, beware. 

 I read an interesting article in Psychology Today about the proliferation of gift cards and what they say about us as a culture. In essence, the article stated an opinion that is shared by many; that “gift cards are the lazy person’s gift.”

Steven Gimbel, Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Gettysburg College explained that gift cards are the lazy person’s gift because they take no thought. In actuality, you are making the receiver do his own shopping. That’s YOUR job.

 Gifting should be a demonstration of thoughtfulness.

But, how much thought does it take to purchase a gift card where the receiver may or may not be limited on where they can even spend it?

When you gift, you want the recipient to be excited.  You want them to feel you spent your time to figure out what would bring them happiness and then you went out and bought that gift for them.

On the contrary, a gift card erases much of this feeling. Whoever cherished and desired to hang onto a gift card? No one!

Still, gifting gift cards is proliferating.  But why is that?  It is, perhaps, because no one wants to give a bad gift. And that’s a problem too.  Because it indicates the gift giver is focused more on the gift than on the thought behind it. 

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Bill Dragon | Author
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