Ahh… the holiday season is coming.  

And that represents time away to enjoy the company of family and friends.  But, that can also mean a lot of travel.  And, for some, that’s synonymous with drudgery.  You see, packing a suitcase (and living out of it while visiting others) can be stressful.

Any lady knows what I’m saying.

Not only do you have to pack the right clothes, but you want to take the right accessories.  After all, it IS the holidays and you want to look your best.

Still, as nice as it would be to take your favorite earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, or anklets, there is that nagging problem of how to organize and pack them for travel.

 caseElegance feels your pain! 

And, we’ve come up with the perfect solution. 


Our Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case - Jewelry Organizer is designed to keep you from losing your treasures while letting you focus on traveling from one exotic locale (your sister’s house) to the next (Mom and Dad’s).

 With a trifold layout, it features an array of special compartments for all types of jewelry. Roomy enough to handle bulky costume and statement jewelry, there’s plenty of pockets that zip for safe storage. When closed, the case snaps shut securely. And, our vegan leather won’t wear and easily wipes clean.

In short, our travel jewelry case is as chic as it is functional!

Bill Dragon | Author
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