As the holidays approach, you may be faced with the daunting task of buying gifts for the office party.  If so, one or more of the following questions may be running through your mind:

 Do I have to buy a gift for a co-worker I don't like?

 Will/should I get something for my boss?

How can I get everyone something if I don’t have a lot to spend?

 If these questions are stressing you out – RELAX!

 We say holidays are a time for joy and love.  It is NOT the time to stress about what to give at the office party. Of course, there are some basic guidelines we recommend you follow. They are common sense things, but bare repeating here:

  •  When it comes to gifts, be consistent, especially when it comes to your employees

 Intentional or not, when you give a gift, you're sending a message. Accordingly, any individualized gift opens up room for error. But it's a numbers game here, too. In a smaller office setting - say, one with five employees-you can get away with sending some individualized personal gifts that you can't in a company with 50 or 500 employees.

  • Put some thought into the price of your

When establishing a price for gifts, be consistent. Provided everyone's treated the same, an expensive gift will probably go over well. Expensive or not, consistency in price is the key.

  •  Stay professional and don’t get too personal

That doesn't mean you have to give everyone a fancy pen or briefcase. But stay away from jewelry and clothing, which are too intimate.

 If you need great gift ideas for coworkers, caseElegance offers these suggestions:

For the ladies-

Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case - Jewelry Organizer

 What lady wouldn’t love this functional gift?  Perfect for travel, our travel jewelry case provides so many easy ways stow earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, anklets…taking the stress out of packing accessories for travel. This gift, reasonably priced, will guarantee to please even the most scrooge-like employee.

And, for the men-

Humidor - Solid Wood with Spanish Cedar Interior for Cigars

 If the man indulges in the pleasures of a good cigar, he will appreciate the gift of our stylish humidor. It’s guaranteed to keep his cigars fresh and ready to burn. If the man doesn’t smoke, see our next suggestion below.

 The perfect gift for either…


Bamboo Wine Gift Box Set

 Anyone will appreciate a gift of our REAL BAMBOO wood wine gift box set.

 Enclose your favorite wine to make him/her feel special and appreciated. They will think of your generosity each time they use the convenient foil cutter, decanter, wine key and topper.

 There you are…

Now that we’ve given you such great gift ideas, all that stress about the upcoming office party is gone.  You’re probably even looking forward to it now. (Okay, maybe that's a stretch.)

Bill Dragon | Author
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