Who hasn’t experienced the angst of trying to come up with ideas for a birthday gift?  After all, it’s a gift that is meant to be special.  But finding the right one can be quite a task. Depending on how well you know the person, there is a lot riding on choosing something that will be appreciated.

We suggest following these simple tips that will help you find that perfect gift for anyone:

Determine the budget first

 The amount of money you can spend will immediately help in your decision. It narrows the choices. Having an idea on what you can afford gives you a good idea on what you can hope to buy.

Consider the person’s age

Buying a teddy bear for an 18- year old is as wrong as purchasing perfume for a 13-year old. Just realize age plays a role in the decision process.

Be creative

Consider customizing your birthday gift when you are confused about what to get. This works particularly well if the person is close to you.

Learn their interests

Think about the person’s personality or interests. Choose something aligned to these desires and likes. Don’t just pick a gift you would like for yourself.  That could be a mistake.

 Talk to the person

You can always just talk to the person to know what he/she exactly wants. Something useful will always be appreciated.

 Look for something unique

Avoid the mundane gift ideas and look for something truly unique.  You don’t want to settle for something that is of everyday use.

If you don’t know the person well, there are two more options:

Gift certificate/vouchers are always easy to redeem and useful. Just choose a brand or store you know they will appreciate shopping at.

When all else fails, Google search for ideas.

At CaseElegance, we have gift ideas perfect for any birthday.

Our Watch cases and Travel Jewelry cases are popular choices.



Or, consider our Wine Gift box or Leather Journal Diary.


Each are unique and sophisticated.  Perfect for just about anyone!

Bill Dragon | Author
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