Let’s face it…buying a Christmas gift for good ol’ Dad can be a daunting task. 

I can remember how challenging the prospect was as a child.  Back then, I was forced to go halfsies with my younger brother on a 12-pack of socks because we couldn’t find anything better. But, even thirty years later and as a father myself, I still feel some anxiety when trying to come up with an original, unique gift idea for this special person.

It’s not an easy feat.

 After all, we’re talking about the guy who probably taught you how to tie your shoelaces, play catch, build your first aircraft kit, and likely a thing or two about being your best.

Never fear!

caseElegance offers these suggestions to help you in the ideas department. Our gifts are distinctive and luxurious-looking…but still easy on the budget. So, ditch the mundane “tie and sweater” for something Dad will really love:

Watch Case Classics Collection

 Our watch cases are born from a love of the timepiece and desire to elegantly showcase these distinctive accessories.

 If your Dad is a watch enthusiast, we offer a selection of perfect vintage-style boxes to store and carry his favorite timepieces.

 Beautiful and elegant, each are designed to cushion the watch securely on individual pillows. Lids can be solid wood or clear glass to enable easy viewing of the watches inside.

Humidor - Solid Wood with Spanish Cedar Interior for Cigars

 If Dad is an aficionado of fine cigars, he’ll relish the gift of our luxurious-looking humidor. Guaranteed to keep his cigars fresh and ready to burn.

This humidor is light, but of solid construction.

Square, compact, simple, and elegant, this humidor will look classy and handsome on any desk. It is made of a real Spanish cedar interior and an attractive cherry veneer external finish.

Bamboo Wine Gift Box Set

 There’s nothing that beats the feel of smoothly textured bamboo wood.   Our REAL BAMBOO wood wine gift box set will amaze Dad or any family member.

 Present him with his favorite wine enclosed to make him feel special and appreciated. He will think of you each time he uses the convenient foil cutter, decanter, wine key and topper.


Bill Dragon | Author
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