Here’s the challenge – you are hosting a party for 12 people.   You know there will be differences of opinion and preferences about what wine to drink.  Is there any way to please every palate without resorting to buying each guest their own bottle?

The answer is YES!

There are really only four basic dilemmas faced in meeting any wine preference. Here are the most common wine-related dilemmas and our solutions for each:

Dilemma #1 - White versus Red

SolutionRich rosé or light, chilled red.

What better way to compromise than to choose a rosé?  Look for a richer rosé, which will have the flavor and intensity that red wine lovers prefer.  Rosés from Spain and southern Italy will do well.

Dilemma #2 – Dry versus Sweet

Solution: A dry, but fruity white.

“Sweet” wine lovers often don’t actually want a wine with residual sugar; they really want a wine that is fruity with soft acidity. To match their taste to a drier compromise, choose a wine like California Sauvignon Blanc or blends from southern Portugal.  They are big on fruit flavor, but still dry and refreshing.

Dilemma #3 – Oaky Chardonnay versus a clean Pinot Grigio

SolutionA rich white with fresh acidity & fruit.

The wines that will bridge the gap between rich, oaky flavor and a lighter, fresh flavor are the white wines that are rich in body, sometimes even with a bit of oak, but with fresh flavors and plenty of acidity. Dry Chenin Blanc or white Burgundy like Meursault are good choices.

Dilemma #4 – Light Red versus Heavy Red

Solution #1A full-bodied red with high acidity.

When it comes to  full-bodied versus light-bodied, it’s really a matter of acidity. You can find a wine that has the alcohol percentage of a heavy red but has a light-bodied flavor by choosing one with low acidity. Traditional Italian reds like Sagrantino are a perfect choice.

Solution #2: A full-bodied red with low tannin

Another solution for bridging the gap between light red versus heavy red is to choose a low-tannin red. Overly tannic wines often seem coarse and bitter for tastes that are used to lighter reds.  Zinfandel and Merlot from California are excellent choices.

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Bill Dragon | Author
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