As much as we enjoy hunkering down and smoking inside our man caves while watching football on a big screen, thank goodness for cigar-friendly summer weather! 

It’s that time of the year when you paddle your boat onto the lake, or head to the beach to show off your chest hair. Summer is the best time to smoke cigars.

Who can disagree with spending time outside with a premium cigar on a beautiful sunny day? Not us.

Here are some great cigars you should smoke before this summer ends.


Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary

It took 20 years for Rocky Patel to show you a cigar this amazing, so save it for your end of summer picnic. The Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary is one of his most refined cigars ever, crafted with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos that smoke sweet, savory, and with a hint of spice. This is a perfect cigar if you’re hitting the golf course or the beach with your buddies and a cooler full of cold beer.
Laranja Reserva Escuro
Espinosa Cigars' Laranja Reserva Escuro is a extension of the company's highly popular Laranja line. It is an exquisite summertime cigar. This is a full-strength, full-bodied stick with a taste profile of espresso, dark spices, and hickory for a smoking experience meant to please the flavor-starved enthusiast. This cigar is ideal with an ice-cold lager or a refreshing daiquiri in a warm summer day. It's the great contrasting paring for a sweet refreshing drink

Alec Bradley Me

The Alec Bradley Medalist is one the first cigars that we will reach for when we’re getting outside. It has the appearance of a lighter cigar, with a light-colored wrapper that barely qualifies as brown. When the afternoon sun is beating down on the greens, Alec Bradley Medalist delivers creamy tasting notes of cedar and a subtle toasted sweetness.
Jon Aguilar | Author
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