The average cost of a wedding nowadays is $16,000 - $45,000 depending on your state.

Average cost of a wedding by state

Not only are wedding costs high and ever-rising, but the amount bridesmaids are spending is increasing as well.  

According to 2010 nationwide survey of more than 20,000 brides, the average bridesmaid can expect to spend a whopping $1,695 participating in the wedding.

With all of this money being spent, many experts recommend spending $75 to $150 per bridesmaid on a thoughtful gift.

If you look around online, you'll see the landscape is pretty divided on what brides actually spend. Some brides say they want to spend as much on a wedding gift as the bridesmaids spent on a dress, as much as $200 - $300 for a gift. Others focus more on the content and context of the gift, opting for DIY or hand made items that have a special meeting.

Here at case Elegance, we've taken special effort to create a handmade travel jewelry case that won't break the budget. The vegan leather travel jewelry case will keep your bridesmaid from losing her treasures while letting her focus on traveling from one exotic locale to the next.


Michael Slate | Author
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