Journaling can be a healthy habit, according to the University of Texas at Austin psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker. He states that the benefits include strengthening immune cells. Other research indicates it could decrease the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

“How can journaling promote good health,” you ask?

Here’s what scientists are saying about the benefits of journaling:

  1. It helps clarify thoughts and feelings 

Because writing accesses your left brain, it’s using the analytical and rational side.  This leaves the right side free to create, intuit and feel. This removes mental blocks, allowing you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself and others. 

  1. It puts you in touch with yourself

The routine of writing helps you get to know what makes you feel happy and confident. Conversely, you become aware of the people who are toxic and unhealthy for your emotional well-being.

  1. It lowers your stress level

The simple act of putting your thoughts about anger, sadness, and other emotions down on paper has a calming effect.

  1. Problem-solving skills are improved

Since we use our left side of the brain for problem-solving, we can engage the right side for creativity and intuition.  Journaling disciplines the use of both sides in solving problems.

  1. It helps you think through disagreements

Just as it’s a good idea to sleep on it before responding harshly to someone who has offended you, journaling offers a medium to help understand another person’s point of view. Writing down what happened and the feelings you felt will often result in a sensible resolution to the conflict you otherwise might not have considered.

If you haven’t already discovered the therapeutic benefits of journaling, we encourage you to give it a try. Our Case Elegance Handmade Leather Journal Travel Diary with Bamboo Pen is perfect for journaling.


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Bill Dragon | Author
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