Feeling the need to up your humidor game, but not sure which direction to take? Perhaps there's someone in your life who has entirely too many cigars languishing in bags around the house, or they're still relying on cigar boxes as a humidor substitute?

May you be shopping for yourself or someone else, the cigar storage specialists at Klaro are here to help, with the following list of products providing an array of humidor upgrade options for any budget. Most of these products are brand-spankin' new, while a select few have been around for a hot minute, but still warrant consideration due to their effectiveness and versatility.

Either way, Klaro has you covered when it comes to humidor upgrade options, regardless of what your aesthetic preferences or pocketbook prefer. So, let's get to it, shall we?

The Cylindor Glass Tube Humidor

The Cylindor Glass Tube Humidor

Still, stuffing stogies in glass canning jars while cruising down the mighty Mississippi on the Delta Queen? Do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Klaro Cylindor, while leaving the canning jar cigar storage technique where it belongs: in the 1800s with Mark Twain.

Super straightforward in its construction and appearance, yet ultra-efficient and practical, this silicone-sealed glass jar takes cigar preservation and presentation to a whole new level. Atop the one-piece wooden cap, you will find an integrated Klaro hygrometer, which has been updated with a read-out for battery levels.

While a silicone foot creates a scratch-free, shock-proof foot pad, the Cylindor's Spanish cedar internal base allows seasoning, aromatics, and moisture control to occur inside. There's also a plastic divider system that allows you to organize your cigars by brand and blend, with a dual-handle pull setup supporting the reach of both righties and lefties. 

The Felix Acrylic Humidor Twins

Felix and Felix Pro Acrylic Humidors

If glass isn't your jam, or you are on the hunt for something in a traditional cigar box configuration but still want a transparent appearance, then the Felix and Felix Pro Humidor duo are going to be the ideal upgrade option.

Part tupperdor, part traditional humidor, these meticulously machined acrylic humidor boxes come finished with an acrylic lip that creates a seal that you would not believe humidity control. The larger of these two offerings is the Felix Pro, which features a multi-tiered storage shelf interior, with two 100% acrylic trays serving as shelving. Meanwhile, an extra-thick Spanish cedar insert base underneath serves as your humidity, aromatic, aesthetic, and flavor profile enhancement component. 

Felix Acrylic Cigar Humidor

Those in search of a smaller desktop humidor upgrade should consider the normal Felix Tupperdor. This unit comes manufactured out of the same materials as the Felix Pro and also comes complete with a starter humidity pack and Klaro's industry-leading digital hygrometer. Those on a budget will appreciate the value this humidor provides, as it is a fraction of the cost of a Felix Pro. However, it does not come with the ash wood base and holds anywhere from 35–45 cigars instead of 50–60. 

Klaro Valet

Klaro Valet

Taking humidor upgrades into the digital age, the Klaro Valet app provides step-by-step seasoning instructions for new cigar humidors. Currently available for Apple iOS devices, this system gives a Klaro hygrometer the ability to send read-outs to your phone via the cloud.

This is achieved via Klaro's "Wi-Fi Bridge," which when plugged in allows you to monitor your humidor from anywhere at any time. So if humidity or temperatures fluctuate suddenly, you'll receive a notification. In-depth data tracking continuously analyzes humidity and temperature patterns on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis, allowing you to further optimize your humidor's performance.

To install either swap out your current Klaro Hygrometer with this Valet unit or plop one of these units inside the chamber of a non-Klaro humidor for monitoring. The app will then allow you to document and categorize cigars by name and quantity, with more features being added to the app with each update. Stay tuned, because Android support is coming soon too! 

Digi-Camo Edition Military Humidor

Digi-Camo Edition Military Humidor

The limited edition Digi-Camo Humidor is a cigar-storage homage to military footlockers and military operations. Finished in a digital camouflage vinyl wrap, this humidor comes constructed from solid wood and is heavily cedar-lined.

All hardware (including the hygrometer surround) is matte black, with latches on each side offering an additional snap of security and sealing. This limited version of our top-selling Military Humidor line-up comes loaded with an accessory drawer that has been lined with EVA foam. All mill-spec, and finished with a diamond-cut pattern like what you would find in authentic military cases.

 Additionally, a portion of every sale goes to Cigars for Warriors via Klaro's charitable donation campaign.  

Huckberry "Tan" Military Humidor 

Huckberry "Tan" Military Humidor

If the Digi-Camo look isn't your thing, perhaps this Huckberry-exclusive "Tan" military color will ring your bell.

Featuring the same tank-like construction and 100-cigar storage capacity levels as the rest of Klaro's Military Humidor line, this Huckberry-exclusive humidor comes in a stealthy, sand-like appearance and matte black hardware. Spanish cedar inlays, ultra-tight gasket seals, and Klaro's digital hygrometer all make sure that the included Hydro System operates flawlessly.

Fully compatible with the Klaro Valet system, this one-off collab humidor is unlike anything else out there, making it a top consideration for those looking for a unique humidor upgrade. 

MAG Mini Desktop Humidor

MAG Mini Desktop Humidor

Sometimes small upgrades are the best ones. Take the MAG Humidor from Klaro for example. Intended to hold anywhere between 20–40 stogies, this little desktop humidor packs in way more cigars than its minuscule size would have you believe.

To achieve this feat, Klaro designed something called a "Hydro Channel" for humidification, instead of relying upon the much larger "Hydro tray" system. Taking up no more than one standard cigar's width of real estate, the curved base of the Hydro Channel allows you to stack cigars to the lid right next to the tube.

Available in Carbon Fiber, Walnut, and a matte-colored Black Ops Edition, each MAG humidor comes equipped with a Klaro digital hygrometer and is lined with thick, 5mm Spanish cedar inlays. Meanwhile, a magnetically sealing glass lid finishes things out up top for superior humidity control.

Airo Fridgador Cigar Cabinets

Airo Fridgador Cigar Cabinets

Ranging anywhere from 88L to 288L, with a 248L middle-weight version right in the center, the Airo Fridgador Cigar Cabinet is the stand-up solution to running out of stogie storage space. Anywhere from 450-1,700 loose sticks can be stored inside these electronically controlled structures, and that's not accounting for full boxes of cigars!

With its advanced active humidity and temperature regulation system, the Airo Fridgador ensures that your cigars are nestled in the ideal environment for both seasoning and aging. LED light-filled, and sporting intuitive digital controls for humidity and temperature via the tap of a screen, this is the ultimate answer to needing more cigar storage real estate. Anything beyond that, and you might want to start converting your basement into a walk-in humidor. 

Bonus Buy: Flint Travel Cigar Case

Flint Travel Cigar Case

Why bring one or two stogies with you, when you can ride with five? For those on the go, it's tough to beat our Flint cigar travel case. With its authentic Italian leather outer shell, and patent-pending protective hard-shell cigar storage sleeve, safely transporting stogies has never been classier or easier.

Additional touches include rugged nylon internals, magnetically sealing accessory pockets, and a flush-fit gunmetal closure system from YYK zipper. There's also a breathable mesh pouch for popping humidity packs inside so that your cigars don't dry out during transit. 

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