MAG Humidor - Matte Black


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Klaro humidors will be the easiest humidor you've ever seasoned and maintained. Comes with everything you need including 2 bottles of humidor solution, a pack of gel crystals and the hydro tray. Of course we give you detailed written and video instructions, backed by amazing support so we'll be with you every step of the way.


Our digital hygrometers are silicone gasket sealed from back to front, and include the most accurate european sensor on the market. You'll never have to wonder whether your cigars are taken care of.


Klaro humidors have more Spanish cedar than any other brand on the market. Spanish cedar keeps away cigar beetles and makes sure your cigars are always the right humidity.


Our seals have been re-engineered to ensure an incredibly air-tight fit. We have custom rear hinges that lock in the seal. We also have super fat cedar coamings that will expand as your humidity increases to really ensure your smokes stay fresh for the long haul.

MAG Humidor - Matte Black

Introducing the black MAG humidor by Klaro, featuring a one-of-a-kind matte black textured finish, blacked-out metal hardware, and unique black stenciling on the sides. The MAG includes our newest humidity technology, the Hydro Channel, the easiest, most economical, and most effective humidification system out there. It takes up only one cigar width of space while creating the perfect cigar-storing environment. The base is curved so that you can stack cigars next to the tube. It comes equipped with our hyper-accurate, built-in digital hygrometer, gasket-sealed to maintain accurate readings in any environment. The interior of the MAG is lined with thick, 5mm Spanish cedar inlay, and the lid creates a tight seal with magnets, ensuring lasting humidity control. And while the others give you little to nothing, Klaro provides you with everything you need to get started, with one bottle of regular Humidor Solution and one bottle of Winter + Dry Climate Humidor Solution. The MAG is the perfect choice for those looking for a tactical and innovative humidor.

We have partnered with Trees for the Future to offset the wood manufacturing in our products. We plant one tree for every wooden product we sell.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY HUMIDOR OF THIS SIZE – We take quality wood construction seriously here at Klaro. While other humidors include a thin veneer of cedar 0.2mm thick, each MAG humidor features Spanish cedar inlay that’s 5mm thick, sure to absorb, store, and release moisture to regulate optimal humidity.

  • THE HYDRO CHANNEL – Maintaining the right humidity levels is easier than ever with the new Hydro Channel by Klaro. The perforated holes at the top and sides of the channel lid allow for natural evaporation to thoroughly humidify all areas of the humidor’s interior while also serving as a divider for your cigars.

  • THE PERFECT SIZE – The MAG holds 20-40 cigars, an impressive capacity given its smaller size. We reinvented our humidification system to take up less space while delivering the same performance.

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED – We provide you with two different types of our specially-formulated Humidor Solution, both the Regular mixture and the Winter + Dry Climate mixture, to add to your Hydro Channel for super-simple seasoning.

  • DIGITAL ACCURACY – We make accuracy the chief priority of your humidor. From a magnetic lid that ensures no humidity leakage to our gasket-sealed digital hygrometer, we take every step in the design process to eliminate humidity fluctuation inside your humidor. Have a piece of mind knowing your cigars are covered.

  • Black Ash Wood
  • Solid Spanish cedar 
  • Includes full Hydro System ™ (Hydro Tray™ and two bottles of Klaro Humidor Solution)


Compact Size With Peak Performance

This covert design of the MAG features a low profile with rounded corners and a matte black finish. Packed with our top-performing humidification system, everything you need to maintain your humidor is included. While smaller in size, the MAG offers plenty of space with just the right amount of bravado.

Blacked-Out Design

The Black MAG is one of our most unique humidors yet. Matte black painting, polished black hardware, and black stenciling on the sides, this humidor is covertly designed.

Unparalleled Accuracy

The MAG comes with our top-of-the-line digital hygrometer that is gasket-sealed to maintain the most reliable, accurate readings. Custom-built with sensors that sit deeper into the humidor gives you the perfect humidity reading.